59+ Ways to Earn ₹75K/Month in 2022 by Sitting Home Employment

The work culture during the COVID 19 pandemic has seen many changes, with many offices ordering their employees to work from home. School, college, coaching, office, everything had gone online, due to which today the methods of employment sitting at home are increasing.

59+ Ways to Earn ₹75K/Month in 2022

In the present time being financially independent is very important for everyone, every person in the world wants to be financially independent and for this, if someone does business, then someone works in the private sector, then there are some people who Earn money online from home.

Sitting at home in today’s modern world employment The demand for methods is increasing very much, the way in which today’s technology Business People are demanding new home based business ideas from it and want to earn money sitting at home according to their convenience.

In today’s article, we will show you the ways of employment sitting at home. We will tell you about this, from which you can earn money by sitting in your home and starting any business as per your convenience.

ways to work from home

In today’s digital world, many employment opportunities are available in front of us sitting at home, through which we can fulfill our needs by earning some money sitting at home and at the same time help the needy people through our work and also give employment to some people. can.

online or offline tutoring

If you have very good knowledge in any subject then you can try online or offline education. If you think of giving online tutoring, then you need a laptop and good Internet Connection is needed, at present there are many websites that allow you to register for free and give the opportunity to teach students. Apart from this, there are many institutes like Unacademy, Byjus, Grade Up which hire online teachers, you can also connect with students through this.

If you want to give offline education, then for this you have to find children near your home, and start teaching them by setting your fees.

work freelance

if you have digital marketingIf you have the skill of graphic designing, video editing, content writing or making a website, then you can start online work like a freelancer and you do not even need to pay any kind of fee to work like a freelancer.

Your skill will give you success in this field, in the initial time you may work alone but later you can open such small institute and connect more people to freelance.

social media influencer

people in today’s time social media Influencing other people through the platform, if you have a lot of good ideas related to fitness, music, dance or beauty, then you can influence people with your ideas, you will also earn good money.


best way to work from home blogging But you must have patience to do this work. To do blogging, you must first have a website and by writing an article on a topic in it, Google that article. search engine Submit the same and then get the Ad Network Approval.

Along with this, this work also demands hard work from you, only then you get good results, if you do not have knowledge of blogging, then you can take the help of YouTube.

affiliate marketing

Almost everyone knows about Affiliate Marketing Amazon, Flipkart Big companies like you pay a lot of commission for affiliate marketing, in fact, in affiliate marketing, you sell the products of the e-commerce website by sharing it in your social media account if someone buys this product from your affiliate link. So some percentage of that commission is given to you.


We watch a lot of videos on many topics in YouTube, you will know that if you get a lot of likes and subscribers by putting a video on YouTube, then you earn accordingly, but for this you have to create your own YouTube channel and your skills. Will have to make a video and show it.

To make videos on YouTube, you will need a good camera, laptop so that you can shoot your video well and after shooting you can edit and post the video on YouTube.

online survey

At present, there are many such websites which give you money to do surveys. In this, you can do survey by registering yourself on those websites in free time, for which you get some points and you can later transfer that point to your bank account through Paytm.


If you have a good knowledge of any field, then you can earn by sharing it with others, like if you have knowledge of stock market, education, finance, law, then you can become a consultant in this and give your advice to people. can. To do this work, you should have a laptop and in the initial time you can make a small office not your home.

customer service

You can also get customer service jobs online up to class 10th and class 12th, you do not need a bachelor’s degree, in this you have to answer customer questions. In this you will get messages, phone and E-mail Through this, the customers have to be informed about the problems being faced by them.

customer Care Center

If you live in a village, then customer service center can prove to be a good business for you because people of the village often come to the city to open a bank account, as well as to withdraw money from the bank, if you are small in the village. If you open the office of a customer service center, then it will benefit you and the people of the village will also be helped.

Beauty parlor or mens salon business

If a woman or a man wants, she can open a beauty parlor or mens salon. In today’s time, along with the people of the city, the people of the village are also very excited about beauty, in such a situation, if you do not have a beauty parlor in your village and you have good knowledge of makeup, then you can set up a small beauty parlor in your village. If you can open it, you will also earn from this.

sewing embroidery business

If a woman is interested in sewing embroidery and wants to do something for herself, then she can start a sewing embroidery business and at the same time she can also give sewing embroidery classes to other women, this will also benefit other women. Will go

pickle papad business

Women have amazing taste in their hands. There is a passion for food, so you will definitely get success in this business.

furniture making business

If you are a good artisan then you can start furniture making business and people keep buying furniture for their homes but for this you will need some investment because you need machine and more space to make furniture.

lotion and soap making business

If you do not have much money to invest and you want to do business then you can do soap and lotion making business because it is also growing very fast and it has low cost and high profit.

Home Bakery Business

If you want, you can start a bakery business in your home, in your bakery, you can make cakes, biscuits, chocolates and other things and sell them in the market, along with you can also take orders for parties and functions. You get double profits by taking orders for parties and any big functions.

earthen lamp or candle making business

Earthen lamps and candles are used in everyone’s house during Diwali, if you want, you can make earthen lamps and then earn some money by selling them.

do camphor business

Camphor making business requires some investment and if you start this business then you will definitely get profit. We all know what is the use of camphor, worship cannot be done without camphor, so it is needed in temples as well as in homes. For this you have to buy camphor making machine once and take raw material for making camphor, after which you can do employment sitting at home comfortably.

Through today’s article, we told you what are the ways of employment sitting at home? You can earn a lot of money from these methods of employment sitting at home. We hope that you liked this article of ours. Do share this on your friends and social media also and you can ask us related questions in the comment box.

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