After the glass and blade, you will go crazy seeing the stone dress that Urfi Javed wore.

After the glass and the blade, you will go crazy seeing the dress made of stones worn by Urfi Javed.:- Bigg Boss OTT fame aka Javed, who never fails to grab headlines for his bold and quirky fashion choices, stunned the fans yet again. The actress wore a dress made of stones which suggests that an indecent remark prompted her to do so. The troll reads “Isco must die with stone” and Urfi took this as an inspiration and made an outfit using pebbles.

The actress shared an interesting reel on her social media, which initially featured a comment by a user asking everyone to throw stones at Urfi. In the second half of the video, she was seen wearing a multicolored pebble outfit. A part of his Instagram post read, “Yes, the comment prompted me to do so, don’t blame me, blame the comment for it”.

The post received mixed reactions with some in the comments section lovingly calling her a “style icon” and others throwing hatred at her for her “unrealistic style choices”. Fellow celebs also made it to the comment section. One fan commented, “You are a genius and we love you” and another fan commented, “This is so unreal, Pathar Gir Gaye Toh?”.

Urfi Javed recently made headlines for his “divorce” comment and social media controversy with Chahat Khana. However, he later apologized for his remarks and said that “it was less for him to say so”.