Battery Charge Kaise Kare? Mobile Ko Fast Charge Kaise Kare?

In today’s post we are going to discuss “battery charge kaise kare” as well as in this post we will also know “what is the right way to charge battery”. Different types of batteries come inside every smartphone, but hardly everyone knows “battery ko charge karne ka sahi tarika”.

Battery Charge Kaise Kare?  Mobile Ko Fast Charge Kaise Kare?

We know that every person wants that every person thinks that Battery Charge Kaise Kare? Mobile Ko Fast Charge Kaise Kare? So that he can deal with his important work after the phone’s battery is charged.

To charge the phone battery quickly, you should also know the right way to charge the mobile. Let us know in this article the correct way to charge the battery.

Battery Charge Kaise Kare?

If you have to do a lot of smartphone work, then you should always keep its battery charged so that you can do your important work. Every smartphone user wants his smartphone to be charged quickly so that he can keep his phone switched on as well and can do his essential work.

However, there are some smartphone users who make some such mistakes while charging the battery, due to which their battery gets damaged as well as their phone gets damaged and then they need to get it fixed. Money has to be spent, but if you keep some simple things in mind, then you will also charge your battery properly and there will be no problem with your battery or your phone.

Mobile Ko Fast Charge Kaise Kare?

To charge your phone’s battery quickly, you are being told how to charge the battery quickly, by following which you will be able to charge your phone’s battery quickly, that too without any damage.

1: Enable Flight Mode

You get the option of flight mode inside every smartphone. In some smartphones, this option is known as Airplane Mode. To properly charge your smartphone’s battery, you have to put your smartphone in flight mode when you attach the charger pin to the charging socket.

When you do this, all your phone calls and messages stop coming, due to which the battery of your smartphone gets charged very fast within a short time. You will also get this option in the setting option, as well as if you want, you can also directly access this option by sliding the screen above.

2: Use the original charger

There are some people who use duplicate charger to charge their phone. By doing this their phone charges but the charging speed is very slow. Therefore, during the purchase of the phone, the charger that you received with your phone, you have to charge your phone only through it,

Because the quality of the charger given by the company is good, as well as it is according to your phone. That’s why it charges your phone quickly and doesn’t harm your battery.

3: Switch off your phone

If you want to charge your phone faster and more efficiently, then before charging you have to power off your phone, which is also known as switching off the phone. To switch off the phone, all you have to do is hold down the power button of your phone for a while.

By doing this your phone is automatically switched off. When the phone is switched off, after that no application works in the background and thus charges your phone quickly.

4: Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Data Connection

If your smartphone has Bluetooth on or data connection, WiFi or GPS is on, then your battery consumption is high due to this. Therefore, before charging the phone, you have to switch off all of them. This will charge your battery faster.

Battery Charging Tips in Hindi

Above you got information about what is the right way to charge smart phone. Let us now tell you what are the best smartphone charging tips.

1: When you are charging your smart phone, you never have to make the charging of your smartphone 100%. In fact, if you do not pay attention to doing this, then the battery of your smartphone swells up and due to which the risk of exploding the battery is also very high, as well as the battery gets hot.

2: You should charge your phone by keeping it at normal temperature. If you charge it by keeping the temperature of the phone in a warm place, then your phone gets very hot.

3: After putting the phone in charge, some people start running WhatsApp in it or start calling. You should not do this. This creates a risk of explosion.

4: You should charge your phone battery to 100% in 1 month total. Because of this, your battery gets a good backup.

5: You should not let the phone charge overnight after charging it. If you make such a mistake, then you may have to bear the consequences in the form of battery failure.


How to charge battery fast?

Follow the method given in the article.

How much should the phone battery charge?


How many times should the phone be charged in 1 day?

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How much mobile should be used in 1 day?

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In this content, you got the information about “the right way to charge the battery”, as well as you got the details of “how to charge the battery”. We hope that the information provided by us will prove useful to you.

Hopefully now you have come to know that the Battery Charge Kaise Kare of any mobile? Mobile Ko Fast Charge Kaise Kare?

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