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Download Full HD House of the Dragon Movie Download 1.24 GB 1.75 GB 4K 144p ,480p,720p House of the Dragon – house of the dragon episode 2 Download release date netflix : And we are back. All of us — HBO, The Seven Kingdoms, you and I, of course, the guy who reimagined Game of Thrones for NPR lows many years ago. We are all here, back on our dragonscat.

I’ve written some handy primers to help get us all in the right headspace, but essentially: Forget what you know, you won’t need much. House of the Dragon opens nearly 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. The now 100-year-old Targaryen dynasty is at its peak, as the royal family holds the reins of 10 full-grown dragons.

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We open into Harenhaal, the sprawling ruined palace that became famous a century ago by Aegon the Conqueror, founder of the Targaryen dynasty. We are looking at the Great Council of 101 AC, where the heir to the Iron Throne will be decided.

In this corner: Renées Targaryen, the king’s granddaughter (she’s standing beside her husband, Corliss Valerian, aka the Sea Snake — we’ll see her more).
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In that corner: Viserys Targaryen, the king’s grandson, stands beside his wife Amma Aryan, who is pregnant with their daughter, Renera Targaryen. (I know, I know — we’re not even two minutes in and already have a Rainice and a Rainera to contend with. Not to mention the fact that most of the characters are the same long, plantinum- Blond sporting wigs. Welcome to the Targaryen dynasty. Edgar Winter is coming.)

The Great Council elects the Viserys, even if the Ranis are older, because the Patriarch is nothing if not completely predictable.

Never seen Game of Thrones? Here’s a reference guide to get you started.
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opening credits! Which clearly doesn’t send us swooning over the map of Westeros to visit clockwork versions of the various locations that appear in this week’s episode. Instead, we zoom into Sigil, House Targaryen’s three-headed dragon.

Take this as an indication that the main conflict of House of the Dragon will not appear, as GoT did, as a massive worldwide conflict involving many far-flung houses and kingdoms. Here, battle lines will be drawn largely within the same family, in just a few familiar places. No map required.

We get a dragon-eye view of King’s Landing, which is being rendered a little more accurately these days. We may be 172 years ago, but the servers in HBO’s VFX department have received an update four years since GOT ended, and it shows.

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That giant domed building dominating the skyline? That is not the Great Sept of Belor, which will not be built for years. That is the Dragonpit, where the dragons of the royal family live.

We meet teen Rainera and his friend Alicent Hightower, the daughter of Otto Hightower, the hand of the king. They walk through the same courtyard in the Red Keep that Cersei will turn into a giant Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Board, centuries later.

The show puts more of its chess pieces on board: Queen Emma is pregnant again, and offers the headstrong Rainera the truly terrifying “lie down and think about Westeros” maternal advice. Corlys Velaryon (told you!) warns that some of the liberated cities have formed an alliance called the Triarchy, and their admiral – a Craghas Drahar, aka Crabfeeder – is the Pirates’ Stepstone (of the islands between Westeros and Essos). a string) ruthlessly. , put a pin in it; It will come back.

“I call it spiny-echidna-chic.” Damon (Matt Smith) and Renera (Millie Alcock) in House of the Dragon.

Enter: Damon Targaryen, the king’s cheeky — well, cheekbones, anyway — little brother. He is seated on an iron throne, which looks more jagged and dangerous than we can remember. I mean, tetanus risk alone.

Damon and Rainera show an easy familiarity with each other. We’re in between them to pick up on something too – and if that freaks you out, whoo boy, are you watching the wrong show, about the wrong family. He gives her a gift, an amulet of extremely rare Valyrian steel – the same thing his sword, the Dark Sister, is made of.
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Raja has a wound on his back that refuses to heal. He says it’s from sitting on the Iron Throne — drawn directly from books that Game of Thrones never picked up on; The Iron Throne is not meant for a place where one can rest comfortably. Royal treasures probably come with a line item for Band-Aids and hydrogen peroxide.

Were you wondering if House of the Dragon was shedding a little light on GOT level violence so far? Oh, you sweet summer baby. This next sequence, in which the Demons lead the City Guard (aka the Gold Cloaks) as they attack the seed underbelly of King’s Landing by sticking their swords into multiple seed underbellys, should keep you calm for a while.

The next day, Ser Otto Hightower attempts to shame Damon for his impulsive action, but the prince is supported by Corliss Valerian and conditionally, the king himself. A tournament will be held soon to celebrate the imminent birth of the king

As expected, fans are already fully engrossed in the new battle for the Iron Throne on House of the Dragon. This power struggle became a global phenomenon on Game of Thrones years ago, with multiple sides – be it the Targaryens, Starks or even the Lannisters – as the turmoil engulfed Westeros. This time, the HBO prequel series is focusing on centuries ago, when King Viserys Targaryen I had to choose a successor, even if it meant sacrificing his kin.
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Interestingly, when he chose his daughter Rainera, Viserys was getting warmth from his younger brother Damon. In addition, the Hand of the King, the Ser Otto Hightower, also has designs on the ruling seat. But as this civil war breaks out, Viserys has to deal with another problem, and it’s a creepy one pointing to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s incestuous relationship.

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Now, as much as fans loved the idea of ​​Jon and Daenerys as a power couple taking over King’s Landing, it was as gross as she was his aunt. Daenerys’ older brother, Rager, had a secret relationship with Lyanna Stark that gave birth to Jon Snow, and when both parents died, Ned took Jon in and raised the boy. What made her even more awkward after Jon revealed who she really was to Daenerys, she wanted to continue the relationship, which was certainly something the Targaryens did: strengthen their line. and inbreeding to keep pure.

A remixed arc is happening with House of the Dragon, Damon and his niece, Rainera, though it’s hard to say whether it will develop into a full-on romance according to the books. But Damon is actually making it uncomfortable for viewers to watch, as he appears to be seducing the teenagers. He first brought her a gift – a chain – to a secret meeting in the throne room when her father was away, which was, for all intents and purposes, an act of grooming.

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Damon was also seen during the eviction tournament of his niece and at Emma’s heartbreaking funeral. The fact that Damon hates his wife and house also indicates that perhaps he is trying to be more than just a shoulder to Renera, especially knowing that his brother has a son as heir. cannot produce. In addition, some part of him senses that a civil war may break out with some who do not want a woman on the throne, while Otto, in his Littlefinger-like role, is already a candidate for the throne through his daughter Alicent. making a play.

In that case, Damon, sensing these threats to his family’s throne, may cut a nexus figure, as Daenerys did. Rainera may soon be the same. Sure, it sounds like she has a crush on her uncle, a schoolgirl, but again, given that incest was par for the course of the Targaryens, partnering with him for safety wouldn’t be a red flag in her eyes. . If Damon really loves her, or if he’s just using her to harass Viserys or maneuver for the throne, it remains to be seen. Somehow, as inappropriate as it is, it alludes to Jon and Daenerys needing each other; Not just for politics, but for survival.

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John needed Daenerys’ dragons, while he needed his complementary army to take King’s Landing, which added nuance to their love. Up until that point, one has to wonder whether Damon and Rainera are lustfully infatuated with each other, or whether it will actually follow the source material and turn into something else after the outsiders are gunning for the throne. . Ultimately, the show may spoil their romance to come, but as it stands, they seem to be secretly embracing the idea of ​​using each other as pawns and lovers. And make no mistake, even if they really do fall in love, once they work out their passion, it’s going to be a lot more upsetting than what happened to Jon and Daenerys, who at the end of the day. I was an adult.


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