Free Fire Kisne Banaya? Who owns the free fire game?

In today’s world of Internet, where the use of Internet has become excessive and has become necessary in everyday life, the games played on the Internet are played by all children or adults and are also very popular. In today’s post, we will know about Free Fire Kisne Banaya? Who owns the free fire game?

Free Fire Kisne Banaya?  Who owns the free fire game?

Internet But the number of games is huge, some of them are popular because of their specialty which are played more. The most popular of the games that have made a special place in the interest of the people, “Free Fire” is a different kind of game.

In this article, along with detailed information about Free Fire, who created Free Fire (Free Fire Kisne Banaya?) you will know the answer to this question in detail.

Free Fire Kisne Banaya?

Free Fire game is popular among all class of people. The game’s researcher Forrest Li, who runs the Garena Company, the owner of Free Fire, was created by Garena international private limited company and launched worldwide in the year 2017. Foundations of Free Fire Forrest Li which reflects his creative style and intelligence. Forrest Li has created many such games that are played online with its intellectual ability, in which Free Fire game is mainly famous among children and adults.

Till the year 2017, no battle royale game was made, then PUBG was famous among the people. Forrest Li took the decision to make Free Fire and hired the company of 111dots Studios (Vietnam) and Omens Studios (Netherlands) to make this game. He is also the Executive Chief of these companies.

After some time the beta version of Free Fire was released, later it was launched all over the world. PUBG was quite famous at that time, but after the introduction of Free Fire to the world, the number of its users started increasing and only after 2 months after its publication, this game was considered as the number one game among about 22 countries. Forrest Li launched worldwide as the platform for the game with both Android and iOS in mind.

Free Fire Ka Pura Naam Kya Hai?

Free Fire is the most played game in India and other countries, whose full name is “Free Fire Battlegrounds”. This game is also famous among people by another name that name is “Garena Free Fire”. Its popularity is reflected in its rating on the Play Store, where the game has received 4.2 stars as well as a good rating on the “Los Store”. A large number of people download it, whose number is considered to be more than crores. The size of this game is around 744 MB.

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is an online action thriller battle royale game developed by International Pvt Ltd. In this game, you have to win by killing everyone in 10 minutes time, for which you have to find weapons and kill enemies as well as get points for dying.

This game has to be played carefully because the boundary of the “safe zone” is made in the game, on crossing which you die, so you have to stay inside this boundary and kill the enemies. This game can also be played as a team where friends of your connection can be added.

Free Fire Kab Bana?

Free Fire game is a battle game played online which was started by “Garena international company” in the year 30 September 2017 after that the game was officially launched on App store and Google Play Store as well, from where people can download and play this game. could play the game. On 23 September 2020, this company launched Free Fire. With the passage of time, this game became popular among the people.

Free Fire Ka Malik Kon Hai?

Free Fire is a very popular game which is popular in India as well as in other countries and is played in large numbers. The name of the owner of this game is “Forrest Li”. Forrest Li is also the founder of this game and also the creator of the game that laid the foundation of this game. The unique idea thought by him inspired to make this game and on the basis of his efforts, hard work, intelligence, he created this game. This game is also called Garena Free Fire.

Forrest Li Garena is also the company’s chairman and CEO. Free Fire game was launched by his company Garena in the year 2017. Garena is the old name of the game, its new form is known as Free Fire game.Forrest Li started the Garena game in the year 2009 Singapore by combining Global and Arena. There is also the head office of this company. This is a gaming company that has made more than 30 games. Eg: Firefall, FIFA, Arena of Valor, Headshot, League of Legends etc.

Mainly speaking, Free Fire Game belongs to See Limited Company. Garena company also comes under this company. Sea Limited is a digital entertainment company best known as the main source of Free Fire games. In October 2017, this company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, due to which anyone could buy shares of this company through the stock market, due to which Forrest Li was named in the list of Top 50 people of Singapore. was included by Forbes.

Personal aspects of owning Free Fire

Forrest Li, the owner of Free Fire, is an English name that Forrest Li named after watching the English movie Forrest Gump. Actually the full name of Forrest Li is “Forrest Xiaodong Li”. Forrest Li was born in 1977 in “Tianjin” of the People’s Republic of China. Forrest Li completed his MBA from America Stanpford University. Forrest Li considered Apple founder Steve Jobs as his inspiration in an early interview, who was inspired by his vision of success. In his youth, he had heard the speech of Steve Jobs, due to which he was very impressed.

Long ago, he left China with his wife Liqian Ma and moved to Singapore and had not started a gaming company until he had obtained citizenship there. It was only after coming to Singapore that he completed all the work related to the game. In Singapore, their daughter was born, whom they named Garena, after whom the game was initially named Garena Free Fire.

Countries related to Free Fire game

There are many doubts about which country the Free Fire game belongs to, because Forrest Li, the owner of Free Fire, was born in China but later came to Singapore, from where he founded the Garena company, which is a Singapore company and this game became the owner of The game was created in Singapore by 111 Dots Studio, published by Google Play Store and Apps Store, and all work was done in Singapore.

Earning Free Fire?

Forrest Li had set a worldwide record by making Free Fire. If you give the details of the earnings of Free Fire, then according to Sensor Tower, the earning of this game was $ 59 in the month of May 2021. The daily earnings of this game are around 140 million, which means around $ 1.9 million in terms of million dollars.

According to the survey, the earning of Free Fire game is more than $ 1 billion. The number of people playing this game is also in million. Free Fire game earns more than 70 million in 1 day, around 21 hundred million a month and earning around 25 200 million per year.

Forrest Li, the maker of Free Fire, has held the top spot in the list of games worldwide. Know many references related to this game made by Forrest Li.

What kind of game is Free Fire?

Free Fire game is a battle royale game full of action and adventure in which victory is achieved through fighting, points are collected. This game is easily available for mobile users. This game can also be played in groups. This game is very interesting game, money can be invested in it and can also be earned. In this, all are connected to each other through battle. There are many adventures coming while playing this game, which makes it good to play the game.

How to play Free Fire?

There is a process to go through in order to play the Free Fire game. First all 50 players are released from the ship in an island where they have to survive by killing their enemies with the help of weapons. In this game the time duration is set so whoever survives wins. To survive on the island, you have to defend yourself using guns, bombs, etc. and survive by killing more enemies. In the end, the one who survives by killing all is declared the winner.

Free Fire download process?

Free Fire game can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Computer. The size of this game is 744 MB. To download this game, the Play Store app, by searching the name of Garena Free Fire in the Apple Store and clicking on the install option, the download process has to be completed, which downloads the game.

Features of Free Fire?

Free Fire game is very popular. Google Play Store awarded Free Fire the title of “Best Popular Voted Game” in 2018. By the year 2019, the popularity of this game spread so much that it became the most downloaded game worldwide. The Free Fire game also achieved record-breaking success and topped the list of 80 million “Daily Active Players”.

The specialty of this game can be gauged from the fact that there are a lot of people playing it that in 4 years this game has earned about 1 billion dollars. This game is so interesting that people play it in large numbers, due to which it earns in crores. Due to its features full of adventure, it is played more and more.

Disadvantages of Free Fire?

  • This game also has some disadvantages, so this game should be played with caution.
  • Many times children get addicted to this game which proves to be dangerous.
  • The effect of this game is so much in the youth that they have to face financial crisis, they become mentally ill.
  • There is a difference in the eyesight of young children. The behavior of children also changes, irritability, anger etc. are harmful for them.
  • So it is okay to play the game for entertainment to a certain extent but being addicted to the game is harmful.

Free Fire fame

Free Fire is an award winning game whose popularity is reflected in the number of downloads the game has received. Whose number is about 500 million. In the year 2019, this game has also received the award of “Popular Board Game” as a popularity game, as well as another award “Sports Mobile Game of the Year” in the year 2020. This game is popular among all classes of people. It is played in huge numbers all over the world.

In the above article, many information has been written in detail about Free Fire and Free Fire maker Forrest Li. The result of the hard work, intelligence, skill, interest, hard work of Forrest Li, who created this game, Free Fire game has gained worldwide fame. So friends hope that now you have got Free Fire Kisne Banaya? Who owns the free fire game? Complete information related to it would have been received.

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