How does the Internet work? Internet Kaise Chalta Hai In Hindi?

If you want to get information about anything, then of course you use the Internet because you know that the information about the thing that you do not have is known to the Internet and it will be available to you in a few seconds. Gives the information of the information being sought by. In today’s post, we will know how the internet works? Internet Kaise Chalta Hai In Hindi?

How does the Internet work?  Internet Kaise Chalta Hai In Hindi?

The Internet is used by every person having a computer or a smartphone, but very few people know “how the Internet works” or “What is the way the Internet works”.

That’s why in this article we have discussed how internet works? “How Internet Works” and “What is Internet” and have tried to give complete information about Internet in Hindi.

How does the Internet work?

Many people think that the Internet Data It is stored somewhere and the Internet runs through it, while tell that this is not the case at all.

Internet used to run due to the satellites that were left by humans earlier, but now that technology has become very old and due to that technology the data is also loaded very slowly but today’s modern engineer has fast using the latest technology. Internet service is turned on. This technique is called optical fiber cable.

The reason behind the fast working of the Internet is its optical fiber cables, which have been spread for about 800,000 kilometers under the sea and through this, up to 90 percent of the Internet is used. Such fiber cables are laid in the sea which are of high quality and which have less side effects, as well as cost less money to install.

Large ships also move under the sea and this is the reason that sometimes the optical fiber cable gets damaged due to the anchor of the ship. In 2008, on January 13, a ship damaged optical fiber in the country of Egypt, due to which about 70 percent of the internet in Egypt was stopped.

After this, a team was prepared to solve this problem, which remains in the water for 24 hours and it maintains the optical fiber cable and if there is any fault in it, then it works to fix it as soon as possible. Is.

There is also an interesting thing about the Internet that normal humans are able to use only up to 90% of the Internet and up to 10% of it is accessed by intelligence agencies, which ordinary people are not able to access.

What is Internet?

Its full name is International Network of computer Which is used to connect two computers together. Although it does not necessarily connect two computers, it can also connect more than two computers.

If you have an electronic device in which the Internet runs, then you can search any type of information in the world on that electronic device, although you will get the same information that will have been uploaded to the Internet.

That is to say, if you search the general knowledge information on the Internet, then you will get it easily, but if you search the personal information of a person on the Internet, then you will not find it until that information is found on the Internet. uploaded by someone.

You must know that in the year 1969, humans had succeeded in reaching the moon for the first time and at that time the US Defense Ministry had appointed the Advanced Research Project Agency and at that time they had made a total of 4 computers to share the data exchange. network was created.

And later on, many other agencies were also involved in this and it gradually grew so much that it was made operational for the common people. You will also be very happy to know that no agency has control over the internet.

How does the Internet work?

To understand the working system of internet, we have to divide it into total 3 parts. The first part of the Internet is the e-server, inside it stores all kinds of information from around the world.

The second part of this is the Internet Service Provider, it works to send information to us from the server and the third part is the browser available in the smartphone or mobile, with the help of which we search any type of information from the Internet.

If we tell you about the working of the Internet by giving an example, then suppose you have to search for a video or if you have to search for a song or a photo, then for this when you have to search for a video, song or a photo in your browser. When you search the photo, your search request first goes to the Internet service provider.

After reaching there, the internet provider we have searched through the server shows us on our screen. This process works very quickly and you get the information within a few seconds. However, if your internet speed is slow then it may take a little longer.

Who owns the Internet?

Above you have got the information that the Internet is connected to one or two computers. With this, it is also connected with more than one computer. In this way it is proved that there is no ownership of any person or any company on the Internet at all. Whatever network is connected with it, it has its own responsibility, but still, if seen, there are mainly three such institutes which maintain it, whose information is as mentioned below.

1: Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

This organization is responsible for developing new protocols for Internet communication and at the same time it is also responsible for updating or maintaining the old protocols that remain in place from time to time.

2: Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)

This organization does the work of doing research on the problem which has been going on for a long time.

3: Internet Architecture Board (IAB)

If any kind of change is made in the Internet by IETF, then this institute does the work of giving permission to it.

When did internet start in India?

The Internet was started in the world around the year 1970 and the credit goes to the Education Research Network which is called ERNET in short. Explain that the Education Research Network was a joint setup of the United Nations Development Program and the Department of Electron of Government of India and is still working in the present times.

But in today’s time its access is available only with a few selected research organizations and education institutes. In the year 1995, on the 15th of August, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) started Private Internet Accessible Internet Service, which later got the name of Gateway Internet Access Service.

When it was started, only people living in areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata were able to use it, but gradually it was started for the people of other states of India as well. In today’s time, people of most states of India are able to use it.

In today’s time, companies like Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance are working to provide internet service all over India. Of these, the fastest internet service is from Reliance Jio. For this, its customers have reached in crores in the present time. Let us tell you that the permission to enter the Internet service sector was given by the Government of India in the year 1998 to the companies providing private Internet service.

What are the advantages of Internet?

Knowing below what is the advantage of internet or what are the advantages of internet

1: If you have to pay any of your bills, then you can pay the bill with the help of internet. To pay the bill, you can use net banking, credit card or UPI and through this you can pay telephone bill, electricity bill, DTH bill, online shopping bill.

2: Wherever you are in any country of the world, you can make video calls, make voice calls using the Internet. Can do voice message or voice transfer. Apart from this, you can also transfer photos, as well as email them to any person.

3: If you work in a company that provides work-from-home work, then you can work from home by connecting with the company with the help of internet. For this you will need a smartphone or internet or laptop.

4: If you want to shop online then you can do online shopping. This is possible because of the internet.

5: If you do any business then you can market your business or promote your business with the help of internet. For this, you can create your own website or you can spread the banner of your business with the help of internet.

6: If you are unemployed and you want to get job then you can try to get job with the help of job search portal on internet.

7: Whether you want to listen to an audio or watch a video, you can do all the work with the help of internet and get full fun.

What are the disadvantages of internet?

Below you have been provided with information about Internet Disadvantage or Internet Side Effects.

1: Many times people get addicted to the internet. In such a situation, they waste their precious time and are not able to complete their essential work.

2: If you want to use the Internet, then you will have to take a data plan or you will have to recharge the broadband. In this way your money is spent on using the Internet.

3: Various types of dirty things keep coming on the internet, due to which dirty thoughts come in the mind of the younger generation and some people get so much influenced by these thoughts that they commit abusive acts like rape with a woman as well as children. Internet is also responsible for exploitation.

4: Due to this, the tales of online fraud are also increasing, as well as internet is being used to defame people. Apart from this, people are also using the Internet to harm someone’s image.

In this article, you have learned that “How does the Internet work” and “What is the working of the Internet”, as well as you have also learned about “What are the advantages of the Internet” or “What are the Disadvantages of Internet”. ” If you have any question related to the article, then you can ask your question through the comment box. We will definitely try to reply you.

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