How to Connect Wi-Fi in Jio Phone?

Ever since jio phone came. Since then it has provided low cost mobile and internet facility for middle class families. But the user of Jio phone often has this problem that how do I connect Wi-Fi in my mobile. How to Connect Wi-Fi in Jio Phone? So that I can also take advantage of fast speed net.

How to Connect Wi-Fi in Jio Phone?

What is its process? What are the challenges in this? So I want to tell you that it is mandatory to have WiFi option in your mobile phone to connect Wi-Fi in Jio phone.

If there is no wifi option then how will you be able to connect wifi in jio phone. But I want to tell you that there is an option to connect WiFi in Jio phone, just by following the same process, you can easily connect Wi-Fi in your Jio phone. First of all know what is this Wifi? And how to connect Wi-Fi in Jio Phone?

What is Wifi?

Wi-Fi with the help of radio waves network And Internet It gives us a medium to reach, be it a wireless or wireless network. With the help of WiFi, you can easily access the net by connecting your mobile even at a distance of 100 meters.

because wifi radio web Works on the theory of. For WiFi, we need a place where there is no obstruction in the movement of radio waves.

Why is WiFi needed?

(1) For example, if you are going to a city to travel, then there is a Wi-Fi facility at the city station. By connecting your WiFi, you can easily use the fast speed network.

(2) If your mobile data is exhausted and you need internet data for instant video calling. Then you can connect to your friend via hotspot by turning on WiFi in your device and easily consume their data and do video calling that too with high quality.

(3) If you are sitting at any station, you have to download a movie or any PDF that too in more MB or you want to update your mobile, then you can easily download PDF by connecting WiFi. And you can download high quality or HD movies and then you can also update the mobile, in this you will not have any problem, its only benefit is its benefits.

(4) If you got the need of virtual meeting then net is running slow in your mobile then you can increase your net speed by connecting wifi and you then you can easily attend virtual meeting.

How to Connect Wi-Fi in Jio Phone?

Now the question must be arising in your mind that how to connect Wi-Fi in Jio phone. Your mobile is not hanging while connecting to WiFi. And all the buttons on your keypad are working then you can use Wi-Fi in Jio phone.

And at the same time, if you have knowledge of phone settings, then only you can connect WiFi. Let us know what is the process of connecting Wi-Fi in Jio phone? What is the problem coming in it? etc. to discuss in detail?

How to connect wi fi from jio phone to jio phone?

Many Jio phone users must have this question that after all, how can I use the net by turning on the hotspot of Jio phone and turning on Wi-Fi in my other Jio phone.

In today’s time connecting wifi through jio phone is very easy process but for this you have to connect wifi in your jio phone, you have to bring hotspot button in it if you are not able to turn on hotspot in your phone jio phone. You will not be able to connect wifi in your jio phone. Therefore, you have to follow line to line whatever process is mentioned below.

What is the process to connect WiFi from Jio phone to another Jio phone?

  • First of all you have to go to your Jio Settings. From there the hotspot has to be turned on. After turning on Hotspot, you have to select the option of Portable Hotspot, after selecting that option, you have to turn on the button of Portable Hotspot.
  • Then you go to the settings of Jio phone, then click on the option of WiFi. Then you will see WiFi setting turn it on.
  • When you turn on WiFi, you will see all the WiFi available networks in front of you.
  • Now by connecting the WiFi you want to use the Internet in your Jio phone, you can use the Internet by entering the password of that WiFi in your mobile.
  • You will get this password from the mobile from which you want to use the internet. Like if you want to connect Jio phone to another Jio phone internet. So you turn on the hotspot of your previous Jio phone. After that you can turn it on by selecting the option of WiFi in your other mobile.

This process is very simple, you will not have any problem, this is the quickest solution. But the question is arising in the mind of many Jio users whether apart from Jio phone Android Can Jio phone be connected to the phone as well? Yes, it can be connected. Today we discuss about it through this article.

How to Connect Wi-Fi from Android Phone to Jio Phone?

This question is bound to arise in the mind of the user of Jio phone that how to enable Wi-Fi in your Jio phone by turning on the hotspot of Android phone. You can use wi fi in your jio phone through android phone. Just follow the procedure which is told to you exactly.

Nowadays many jio phone users connect to their jio phone by turning on hotspot in android phone for net speed and enjoy 4G internet speed.

Because when the Jio phone is connected to the Android phone, the speed of the internet increases. If you want to watch any website or video, then you can easily watch it. Just for this, you have to take care of some things like when you are using internet, no virus should go in your Jio phone. , and his keypad won’t work either.

Then you are left with only one option, that option is to open the mobile by switching off or hitting restore your mobile. You have to take care that there is no virus in the Android phone of the person whose Android phone you are connecting to the hotspot. Let us know how to connect wi fi in jio phone with android phone.

Process to connect wifi from android phone to jio phone –

  • First of all go to the settings of Jio mobile. From there the option of Network and Connectivity will appear. You have to click on it, when you click on it, then you will see the option of WiFi.
  • Now the option of on and off will appear in front of you. You can turn on Wi-Fi in your Jio phone by selecting the on option. After turning on WiFi, you have to connect to the WiFi network.
  • For this, first you have to select the option of available network. After this, all the Wi-Fi connections that are active in your area in front of you will be visible in your mobile.
  • Then you select the mobile phone network from which you want to connect your Jio phone and enter the password in it. After entering the password, your Jio phone will connect WiFi and you can use high speed internet.
  • Just one thing you have to keep in mind that the person from whose Android phone you are taking hotspot does not have virus in his mobile phone, otherwise you have to take care of this problem may arise in your Jio phone.

What are the challenges faced while connecting wifi in Jio phone?

When you go to Jio’s settings to connect Wi-Fi in Jio phone, turn on the option of WiFi. Then you may have some problem like you don’t see wifi option then you have to update your software when your software is updated, then wifi option will appear.

Apart from this, another problem you may have is that the range of the hotspot of Jio phone, you can increase it by going to the settings as low as it is. Only then the hotspot will be able to connect to your mobile otherwise it will not.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that from where the setting of the range of the hotspot will be found. The setting from which you turn on WiFi will also see you the range of the hotspot, you can also increase or decrease it.

You may have another problem that when you are turning on the WiFi option, your keypad button suddenly stops working. So you do not have to panic, for this you have to switch off your mobile phone. After switching off, you have to open the mobile again and after that uninstall the unusual app that you have.

Your mobile will not hang if you uninstall the app that happens to be the application. You can easily enjoy WiFi.

Along with this, one of the biggest problems you can have is that there is no virus in your mobile while connecting to Wi-Fi, because of this your mobile will suddenly become slow. And then you will start having a lot of problems.

An easy solution for this is that to whichever Android phone you are connecting to WiFi, you should check that the mobile does not hang. Also, there will be many such unusable applications in that mobile which can reduce the speed of the mobile. And that can come in our mobile in the form of a virus because wifi works on the principle of radio web which virus can come with radio web.

Just keeping all these problems in mind, you have to connect Wi-Fi in your mobile from another mobile.

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