How to do marriage / marriage grant online registration will start like this you will get 51 thousand

Shaadi anudan ka fayda kaise uthaen Hello today we are going to talk about how to do marriage / marriage grant online registration will start like this, you will get 51 thousand about marriage grant, how to take advantage of marriage grant and who can take advantage and how to benefit in UP We are going to give all the information inside this article and we will tell you all the detail, friends, stay connected on our website page on our channel, so friends have come here, thank you and this article will benefit you from the beginning to the last. If you read our article from beginning to last then

how to download marriage offline form, then we will tell you how you will be able to get ₹ 51000 for today’s marriage grant, so first of all let me tell you that after 3 months of marriage and 3 months before marriage, its form would have been applied. It is a matter to keep in mind that if you have got married, then you can apply the form after three months, if you want to get married, then you can apply the form before 3 months from the marriage, then apply here is that i told marriage grant Documents required for

  1. marriage grant document to you
  2. aadhar card boy
  3. aadhar card girl
  4. Aadhar card of girl’s father
  5. The girls get the money they get
  6. And let me tell you that the passbook of the bank
  7. girl’s father and
  8. a mobile number
  9. and income certificate should be

how to download marriage offline form,for village should be below 48000 and for city below 56000 only then you can apply this form and friends i would like to tell you should have a caste certificate if you are from OBC and SC ST If yes, then there is no caste certificate for general people, I am going to give full information, first of all you have to go to your near by public service center, after going to the public service center, then here you have a laptop or computer. You can also do this work yourself, you must first go to the public service center and from there say that we have to apply for the marriage grant form.

And apply the form of marriage grant from there and I have told you the document whether to take it there and after taking the document, you have to apply the form, after the application is done, in the further process, when apply So the girl’s father or the girl’s mother’s signature has to be done on that phone, after getting the form signed, you have to put that hard copy and all the documents you have attached.

How To Make Marriage Grants Online

how to download marriage offline form, they have to make a set and for that set you will have to go to your near by block and there your secretary will be the secretary, you will have to talk to him, you will have to get stamped on it and forward it to your district. It takes 2 months 3 months, the sooner the budget is prepared for the payment, the sooner the payment comes, if there is any kind of equity.

And friends, let me tell you that this scheme, marriage grant scheme is always going on and you will continue to take advantage of it, so just to see when you apply, when you are getting married and someone in the family is getting married. You can also take advantage, this benefit is available only to the girl’s people, not to the boy’s.

If you have any kind of question in your mind, then you can tell us through comment, we will always be ready to answer it.