How To Earn Money With Paytm In 2022 (20+ Ways)

How to make money from paytm in hindi? paytm se paise kaise kamaye? If you want to earn money from Paytm from your mobile phone on online internet, then in this post today we are going to learn how to earn money from Paytm from your mobile phone without any investment easily?

how to earn money from paytm

hello friends! as we know Paytm Today the most popular digital payment (e-wallet) has become. And
because of which many Internet Users use Paytm app to make online mobile electricity DTH payments etc. It is possible that you can also use Paytm on your mobile at this time.

You must be doing it in desktop etc., because of which you are reading this article. Friends, many times you must have searched on Google to earn money from Paytm! in which we have many Website How to earn TM cash by downloading mobile apps or doing online surveys.

But these mentioned apps and tricks do not work completely and we do not get full money for the work done by us. So if you really want to know How to earn money from Paytm? So keep reading today’s article carefully because in this article we are going to tell you how to earn money from Paytm – what is the way to earn money?

Friends, just like every work requires hard work to earn money. Similarly, to earn online, we have to work hard.

How to earn money online from home sitting at home? And How To Make Money From Mobile – 5 Best Apps To Make Money I have already told about this. But today in this post we are going to know how to earn money from Paytm – how to earn money

How to earn money from Paytm?

There is not only one but many ways to earn money with the help of Paytm application and all the ways to earn money through it are easy. However, even then you will have to put in some effort.

First of all, to earn money from Paytm application, you have to download and install Paytm application on your smartphone and after that you have to create your account on it with the help of phone number and email id, as well as you have to complete Paytm KYC. Have to do it

After this, you have to start doing the methods which we have told you below. By doing this your earning will be started through Paytm. Below we have told you various ways to earn money from Paytm. Whichever method you like, you can follow it. So let’s finally see how to earn money from Paytm?

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1: Paytm Referral Program

After creating your account on Paytm application to earn money from Paytm Refer program, you get the option of Refer and earn in it. By using this option you have to share the link of Paytm application.

When a person clicks on the link shared by you, downloads the application and creates an account on it and makes any payment through UPI, you will get ₹ 100 in your Paytm Wallet.

To earn more money through this option, share your referrals on maximum Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media so that huge amount of download paytm application through your referral link.

2: Cashback

With the help of Paytm application, you can balance your phone, recharge DTH, pay any type of bill, book bus tickets and movie tickets online. If you want to do any of the above mentioned work then you must check the cashback offer before that.

Here you can get different types of offers. Some cashback offers are so good that you can earn 200 or even more as cashback through them. Let us tell you that whatever cashback you get, it is collected in your Paytm Wallet only.

3: Promo Code

On festive occasions, Paytm comes with various promotional offers, using which you can get tons of cashback. People do some shopping during the festival season.

In such a situation, if you also order any goods, then you must check the promo code. If you have a promocode, you should use it. By doing this you will get cashback which will be deposited in Paytm Wallet.

4: Paytm Product Reselling

For this, you will have to select such a product, which your friend or any person wants to buy. After selecting the product, you have to add your commission and share the link of that product with the person who is interested in buying the product you have shared.

If he buys the product from your link, then you get commission behind him. In this way, if you sell even a single product every day in this way, then you will earn good money in the month.

5: Paytm Seller

Paytm also runs a service called Paytm Mall on which you can sell your goods. It works in the same way as Flipkart and Amazon.

For this you have to first create your seller account on paytm and after that you have to list your product on paytm seller account, also you have to join paytm seller partner program.

After completing some simple process, your products will be visible on Paytm. After this, if a customer buys your product, then you have to pack it and send it to that customer. In this way you will continue to earn.

6: Playing Games

Inside the Paytm application, you get a program or app called Paytm First Game, in which you get a chance to play different types of games.

By playing those games, you can pass the time as well as earn money from Paytm. For this, you have to go to Paytm First Games option and start playing any game present there.

7: Paytm Gold

Paytm to its customers digital gold gives a chance to buy. By taking advantage of this service of Paytm, you can buy digital gold and store it in Paytm itself and when the price of gold increases then you can earn money by selling gold.

8: Paytm Bank Interest

Paytm has launched its own Paytm Payment Bank, on which you can create your account and also exchange money through this account. Let us tell you that like other banks, you do not face any problem while keeping money in Paytm Payment Bank, neither do you have to maintain minimum balance in it nor do you have to pay any kind of charge if the balance is low.

If you keep your money in Paytm Payment Bank, Paytm pays you an interest rate of 4%. In this way, if you keep more money in your Paytm payment bank account, then you get a good amount of money in the month as interest.

9: Petrol filled

Paytm also gives cashback on filling petrol or diesel. For this, whenever you go to make oil on the petrol tank, then you have to pay it from your Paytm account or Paytm wallet. By doing this you get some cashback which is deposited directly into your Paytm Wallet.

10: Bill Payment

If you pay the bill using Paytm, then you also get money through it. As an example, if you want to pay the electricity bill and you use the Paytm application to pay the electricity bill, then you get a good amount of cashback which is directly deposited in your Paytm Wallet.

Remember that the higher the bill payment, the more cashback you will get and if the bill payment is less then you will get less cashback.

11: DTH Recharge

Now TV has become available in most of the homes, on which people take DTH connection to watch different channels which have to be recharged every month.

If your DTH recharge is over and you want to recharge your DTH then you should use Paytm application for this. Through this, if you balance your DTH, then you definitely get some benefit from Paytm.

12: Online Food Order

Paytm Application has also partnered with food delivery company like Swiggy, Zomato. So if you order food online from Swiggy or Zomato, then you can earn money through this also.

Actually, when you order food on Zomato or Swiggy, then you will have to use Paytm Wallet to pay for it. By doing this you will get some discount which will give you benefits and save your money.

13: Ticket Booking

If you have to go somewhere and you want to book tickets for that, then you can also use ATM for this. On booking tickets through Paytm, you get rewards or stickers which you can use for your next payment. With Paytm, you can book railway, bus and plane tickets and get cashback and rewards.

14: Cab Booking

With the help of Paytm, you can book cabs for Ola and Uber and when you use Paytm to pay for it, you get points, stickers, rewards or cashback.

15: Payment of local product

Paytm application is used by most of the shopkeepers in India and they keep the Paytm QR code outside their shop to accept payment through Paytm.

In such a situation, whenever you go to buy any goods at a shop where Paytm QR code is installed, then after purchasing the goods, you have to use the QR code to pay for the goods. By doing this Paytm will give you cashback.

16: Task Complete

In the present time, various types of new applications have been launched in the market, on downloading or completing the task mentioned in it, you get Paytm cash.

You will easily find all such applications on Google Play Store, where you can download those applications by going and creating your account on it and completing the tasks given in it, you can get Paytm cash. cashboss, panel station, data buddy This is some such application which works to give you Paytm cash.

18: watch video

Just as some applications give you Paytm cash for completing different types of tasks, similarly there are some applications that give you Paytm cashback or paytm rewards in exchange for watching videos.

You will find many such applications on the Google Play Store. From there download these applications and create your account on it and start earning paytm cash by watching videos.

19: Play games on another app

Paytm Cash also gives you some applications that allow you to play games. tell that dream11rummy circle, mpl this is some application on which if you play game and win in it, you get paytm cash and paytm cash which you get, you can easily take it to your paytm wallet Or you can get it transferred to your bank account.

In this way you also get entertained and you also get paytm cash. Apart from this, let us also tell you that when you use an application that gives you the opportunity to earn money by playing games, then you also get a bonus from that application. In this way you have laddus in both your hands.

20: View Advertisement

Slide up, Ladoo, Cash panda, Instacass, this is some such application on which you have to watch ads and you can earn paytm cash by watching ads.

When you see ads on these applications then you get some points which reach to 100 or even 200 points then you can convert that point into paytm cash and ask to your paytm wallet or bank account.

So friends, in this way you can earn paytm cash with the help of these three main ways. Hopefully now you must have got complete information about earning money from paytm, and now you must have known how to earn money from paytm?

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