How to learn share market? Learn Share Market In Hindi 2022

How to learn share market? Learn Share Market In Hindi 2022 The share market is a very big market to earn money, in which money is also indiscriminate. There are many people who come to this market to earn money. But in the end, only a few people remain, who have complete information about it.

How to learn share market?  Learn Share Market In Hindi 2022

All other people call this market good and bad just by eating losses. This market took many people from the floor to the floor, while some people threw it on the floor from the opposite side.

So in today’s article we will know how to learn share market? Learn Share Market In Hindi 2022! So read this article carefully till the end.

What is share market?

Any company whether it is new or old needs money to grow its business, and when that company is very reputed and profitable, it raises money from the public through IPO i.e. Initial Public Offering.

Whoever invests money in this, when that company is listed in the stock market, all have profit or loss. The listing of the company in the stock market is done through shares. That is, by buying those shares, anyone can become a shareholder of that company and it is called a shareholder.

As the share price of that company rises, so does the shareholder of this company and whenever the share price falls, so does the loss. Therefore, if you keep investing money in the stock market without learning it just as a gamble, then it will definitely be your loss.

How to learn share market?

Some things about the share market are being told below-

Learn the basics of Share Market before Investing.

There is a very famous saying that ‘Before Earning Something You Will Have to Learn Something’, you can never take the right step without the right information. So first of all you have to get a lot of information from different sources, such as –

Books, for example Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch, Stock to Riches by Parag Parikh, are among many more.

  • news channels
  • news paper

Invest in this market for a long time and interact and discuss with people.

Through every means like these, you have to get complete information about the stock market at least one month.

Invest your Saving Slowly

After gathering all the information about the stock market, now when you have to invest, then you have to make that investment from your savings, that is, you do not have to invest this investment from your current earnings. In the beginning, one should invest only when he has some extra money lying around.

Because even if he is lying in the bank, nothing less is coming. If you want to grow your money, then it is better for you to invest it somewhere than to just let it lie in the bank. But yes, the chances of risk in this are very high.

That’s why in the initial phase, you should invest some money of your savings instead of putting your current earnings, so that even if there is some loss, then you can take it as a lesson. Because everyone learns from his mistakes.

A rule of share market should be inculcated well in your mind that if there is profit today, then there will be loss tomorrow. But the person who learns from his mistakes, takes the right action after gaining experience, increases his rate of profit and his rate of loss continuously decreases.

How to invest money in share market?

Before investing money in the stock market, it is very important for you to have some things. All those things are being explained in detail below-

a demat account

To invest in the share market, it is most important to have a demat account. In today’s era, everyone has a smartphone. At present, there are many demat account opening companies working in the market, which are Groww, Zerodha, Upstocks, 5Paisa etc.

You can start your share market journey by joining any of them. For demat account also you have aadhar card, pan card And having a bank account is a must. Your identity is verified through Aadhar card.

All transaction information is collected through PAN card. Use of bank account is required to add money to your demat account. To invest, you have to buy shares by adding money from your linked bank account in your demat account.

What is the process of buying shares in the stock market?

The process of buying and selling shares in the stock market is being explained in detail below-

You have to add money to your demat account from your linked bank account. After adding money, it is very important to get all the information about the stock you want to buy.

If the price at which you want to buy that share has arrived, then you have to enter the number of shares according to your added money and click on Buy. After two days of buying the shares, those shares will be added to your demat account. The question must be arising in your mind, why two days? Actually, if you buy a share, then it will be delivered to you in your demat account within two days.

Intraday Trading The shares are delivered on the same day. Intraday trading is called that, in which investors buy shares in the morning and sell them back in the evening. Since now you have got shares in your demat account, you can sell those shares whenever you want.

To sell the shares, you have to go to your own demat account, and click on the shares available in your account and click on Sell.

After clicking on Sell, such number of shares will be removed from your demat account, as many as you have sold.
After selling the shares, 80 percent of the total sale price of your demat account will come immediately and the remaining 20 percent will come after 24 hours.

After the money has come into the demat account, you can send this money back to your linked account, otherwise you can buy shares of any other company.

What is the difference between investing and trading?

investment means investment

Initially everyone starts with investing. In investment, you take any one share and keep it with you for some time (Holding Process) and when its price increases after 4-6 months, then sell it.

trading means trading

On the other hand, trading is that, in which the day you bought a share and sold it on the next day or on the same day (Intra-Day). This can only be done by people who have a lot of experience in the stock market, and who have the time to process the information throughout the day.

How to make profit in share market?

To earn profit in the stock market, it is most important that you invest money on the right stock at the right time. To know which company’s stock to invest in, you have to collect all the information of any company for many years, and analyze about some important facts.

Which facts to analyze, we are telling you about all of them below-

  • What is the revenue of the company?
  • How is the company’s sales?
  • Based on the information of the company so far, it is calculated how it is performing in the future.
  • Dividend means how much profit the company is giving to its shareholders.

Some important tips related to share market

Use only the extra money you have available to invest

You should always put the same amount of money in the stock market, on which you should not have any problem even if there is a loss. You should invest that money, which is kept with you in a safe / large amount, according to your risk taking ability, the amount of money you can take the risk. You do not have to invest much money in greed.

Invest slowly and sparingly

Always take your steps slowly, never put too much money in one go, so that if the loss happens, then it is only a small amount and you learn from those mistakes and gradually increase your investment ability.

keep yourself always learning

Keep taking knowledge of share market from all sources, take advice of experts, talk to people and keep educating yourself at the same time. The advantage of this will be that you will continue to increase your ability towards the stock market. Hope you now know how to learn share market? Learn Share Market In Hindi 2022!

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