How to make backlink? High Quality Backlinks Kaise Banaye?

All new and old bloggers, all of them keep trying various tricks or tricks to bring more visitors to their website or blog. Some of them work and some don’t. Friends, in today’s post, we will learn how to easily create a backlink for your blog or website? High Quality Backlinks Kaise Banaye?

How to make backlink?  High Quality Backlinks Kaise Banaye?

to blog post Google to get to the first page of search engine optimizationOn-page SEO, off-page SEO and many other important things have to be taken care of. Even after writing the post you have to differentiate your post. social media It is also to be shared on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Overall, to make the blog successful, you have to spread your blog more and more on the Internet. Many things are important for a blog, one of them is backlink, which is just a small word but it cannot be underestimated in any way to make a blog successful.

How to make backlink?

backlink There are many ways to create one of which is if you have Youtube channel If yes, then you can put a link to your website or your blog in the bio of your YouTube channel.

By doing this you will get backlink. Apart from this, if you run a Facebook account, then you can also put the link of your website in the bio of your Facebook account. By doing this you will also get high quality backlinks.

besides you wordpress But create your account and post on it and put a link to your website or your blog in the middle of the post.

What is backlink?

If the link of your website is present on another website, then it is called backlink, which has many types. If high quality backlinks are available near your website or your blog, then Google will give more attention to your website or your blog and will show it on the first page of Google, which will increase the number of visitors to your website.

And if you have placed advertisements on your website, then your earnings will also be more. This is the reason that every blogger and website owner is involved in the struggle of creating backlinks and in any way he tries to create high quality backlinks.

What to do to make backlink?

To get any web page ranked, a blogger has to take care of many things and not only the blogger but Google also has to take care of this. That’s why Google quickly ranks blogs that meet its ranking factor.

Google also sees which blog or website has how much high quality backlinks. Google ranks websites with high quality backlinks quickly and Google gives very little attention to low quality backlinks. Learn below how you can create high quality backlinks.

1: Enter Quality Content

To build high quality backlinks for your blog, you have to do such a post on your blog which can be called quality content, that is, what you have to post in your blog, you try to give as much information as possible in it. to do so Internet But other bloggers should include or link the content of your blog in their blog post.

If this is done then you get very good dofollow backlinks. Explain that by putting quality content on the blog, organic traffic also increases and visitors also start coming more.

To write quality content, search the topic on the Internet on which you want to write content and see all the websites that come by opening, and try to write better than all of them and more information from all of them. try to give.

2: Make a guest post on the high authority website

You can also guest post on a website or blog with high domain authority to build backlinks. For this, you have to find such a blog or website, on which only posts related to your topic are posted and you have to talk to the owner of that website/blog about guest posting.

If they agree to accept the guest post, then you have to write a great article and give it to them and you also have to give a link to your website in your article. In this way, when the person in front will publish your guest post on his website, he will also get the post for free and in return you will get a high quality backlink, so that the visitors coming to that website will also come to your website.

3: Use the Broken Link Building Method

For this, you will have to contact the owner of the website or the owner of the blog and you have to give information to them for the broken link. If you do this, then your chances of getting backlinks also become very high. If you want to find broken links, then you have to use Check My Links Chrome extension for this.

4: Submit on document sharing website

This is also a great way to get great and high quality backlinks. Under this method, you have to upload or submit your post by visiting the document sharing website. If you want, you can convert popular articles to PDF file and after converting you can upload them to the document sharing website. By doing this you will get great backlinks.

5: Create the Infographic

Do you know that there are some people who like to read and there are some people who like to watch more? In this way, for the visitors who like to see more, you can create infographic and put it on your website.

If you do this, then through this the number of visitors of the website will also increase and backlinks can also be increased through this. If you want, you can also tell other blogs related to your topic to share your infographic.

6: Social Networking Site Profile

Under this, you do not have to do much to get a backlink, you just have to cricket your account by going to the popular social networking site and after the account is created, you have to create a page of your website and You also have to put the URL of your website in your profile. Even after doing this, you will get high quality backlinks.

7: Do Internal Linking

We will use an example to explain this. Suppose you wrote an article and in the same article you gave a link to another post of your own blog, then it is called internal linking. By doing this the ranking of the website also increases and the page views also increase. Apart from this, people visiting your website stay on your website for a long time and due to this the bounce rate of the website also decreases.

There is also some advantage of doing internal linking. If you do this, because of this, users stay on your website for a long time, as well as by doing this, the Google search engine gets your website’s post and your website well indexed, as well as your old post. On that too pageviews increase and bounce rate is low.

However, let us also tell you here that you should never do automatic internal linking because it does not work much.

8: Promote Content

No matter how great an article you have written, but unless you promote it, you will not get much pageviews on that article, nor will you get backlinks.

That is why there is a great need to promote the content. If you promote your content properly, then it also increases the traffic of the website and the amount of backlinks is also high.

That’s why you should share your content everywhere. You should share the content of your website on all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., as well as share the link of the post where you have created an account.

9: Keep an eye on your opponent

If you want to become successful in the field of blogging, then for this you should also keep a constant eye on your competitor and for this you should pay special attention to link building and content marketing, as well as you should have an e-mail newsletter. Must take membership and follow your opponent on social media.

This will give you an idea of ​​what your opponents are doing, from where they are creating backlinks, what type of posts they are posting, etc. After knowing about all these things, you can also start blog posting under their strategy and try to make your blog a success.

10: Write Testimonial

You must have seen testimonials on the home page of some major websites. It is used by most of the companies to attract the customer and it is available on the home page of the company itself.

That’s why you can also get backlinks by making testimonials. For this, you have to first find a company with high authority and you have to write testimonials for them.

By doing this you can get good quality backlinks. It will take you only a short time to do this and in return you will get high quality backlinks.

12: Reply on Quora

This is a type of website and application on which you will get all kinds of awkward questions, as well as their answers. You will get Quora’s application from Google Play Store, which you can download and with the help of email id and phone number, you can create your account on it. In this you get every category.

So you can find and answer the question related to your category and you can also share the link of your blog at the end of the answer.

By doing this you will get backlink from website with high domain authority like Quora, as well as increase your knowledge. Apart from this, let us tell you that by joining the Quora Partner Program, you can earn money by asking questions.

In this article, we told you “what is backlink” and “what to do to create backlink”, as well as we gave you information about some important ways to create backlink.

If you have any question related to the article or have any doubt in your mind, then you can ask your question through the comment box or you can express your doubt in the comment box. We will definitely try to answer your question when we get time.

Hope how to make you backlink? High Quality Backlinks Kaise Banaye? Would have liked this post, and found it helpful.

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