How To Make Money From Amazon In 2022 (20+ Ways)

How to make or earn money from amazon in hindi? If you want to earn money from Amazon or are looking for a way to earn money from Amazon, then today’s post can be very helpful for you because today in this post we will know what is Amazon Reseller, Amazon Affiliate? How to do online business with Amazon? Or How to sell your stuff on Amazon? And how to easily earn money from Amazon from your mobile and computer? Amazon Se Paise Kaise Kamaye? Full Guide In Hindi.

how to earn money from amazon

Are you a shopkeeper or businessman? Or if you want to earn money from then today’s article can be very useful for you! In which we are going to tell about two such ways by which if you are working hard in this business amazon Website If you work as a business partner in India, then you can earn very good money online.

Friends, in the last article I told that how to earn money from paytm , Flipkart Se Paise Kaise Kamaye? But today in this post we will learn how to earn money from Amazon easily?

Friends, as you must be aware that amazon is an e-commerce website. Where the company sells its products through the website. Today Amazon does its business in many countries of the world including India. Today we get items from small household items to commercial use in Amazon!

But have you ever thought? Where do all these items come from in Amazon, who sells it. And can we also sell our products on Amazon as a shopkeeper or businessman? The answer is yes. Must read today’s article till the end because in this article you will get simple words (How to earn money from Amazon?) How to become amazon reseller? And information related to how to earn money through affiliate marketing from Amazon is being told.

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How to earn money from Amazon?

There are not only one but different types of ways to earn money online and offline from Amazon, out of which you have to decide which method you want to use to earn money with the help of Amazon.

If you believe in amazon website and want to earn money by joining amazon then in this article we have given you information about “how to earn money from amazon” or “how to earn money from amazon”.

1: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is emerging as the best way for any person to earn money from home online. You can do affiliate marketing and earn money by joining Amazon. For this you must have a blog or any page or YouTube channel.

If you have any of these things, then you Amazon Affiliate Program After which Amazon will verify your application form and if everything is found correct, Amazon will include you in its affiliate program.

After this, you have to promote the link of the product on Amazon’s website through video, blog post or Facebook page of your YouTube channel. By doing this, if a person likes the product of the affiliate link you have given, then by clicking on your affiliate link, he will go directly to the Amazon website and from there he will buy the product and pay for it.

In this way, when the product is delivered to the customer, whatever the price of the product, considering the same price, some money will be given to you by Amazon as commission.

In this way, you do not have to invest anything to earn money by doing this work. All you have to do is join the affiliate program and promote the affiliate product.

2: Amazon Merch

If you have any talent then you can earn money with amazon merch by showcasing your talent. Actually Amazon has launched a platform called Merch by Amazon, which gives people an opportunity to sell their designs all over the world and earn money through it.

To earn money through this, there should be creativity inside the person. If you have creativity then you can upload your art work for free by creating your account on it.

After this, when a customer buys the artwork uploaded by you, you will get money. Let us tell you that under this you can prepare painting, print T-shirt, shirt or other type of art work.

3: Sell Service

We all know that any person can earn money from Amazon through affiliate or through commission, but let us also tell you that through Amazon sale service, such person or company can sell their service, which is professional. Is.

With its help, you can provide tactical service like shifting, repairing, moving, housekeeping as well as consulting service.

4: Kindle Publishing

In the present times, books and novels have also gone online. You will get the book based on any type of subject online. If you are a writer or a poet or you like to write on any subject then you can join self publish program of amazon and here you can upload any of your book and earn money through it.

When you upload any of your books under the Amazon Kindle Publishing Program, people start buying it when they like it. In this way, if more people like your book, then its sales will be more, which will earn you a lot of money.

Let us tell you that Amazon gives you about 80 percent royalty when the sales of your product are good and it keeps the royalty of 20 percent with itself, which means that out of the total amount of your book, you get 80 percent of the amount. Will get it. You can also sell your audiobooks through Amazon.

5: Amazon Flex

If you want to earn money from Amazon Flex, then you must have your own vehicle for this. Also you must have a driver’s license. Under the Flex program, Amazon gives people the responsibility of getting the goods delivered to the customer’s address.

And for this, he pays the person on hourly basis, which simply means that you can do this work either part time or full time. To earn money through Amazon Flex, you have to install its application on your smartphone. After that through the application you have to fill your application form and apply.

After this, your application form will be verified by the company and if everything is found correct, you will be included in the Amazon Flex program.

6: Amazon Influencer

An Amazon Influencer is someone who reviews any product without any discrimination. If you work on Amazon then you will be called an Amazon Influencer. You can earn money by becoming an Amazon Influencer. For this, you should be able to give a good review of any product or service and this review should be such that attracts the customer to take the product or service.

Under this work, you have to use the product available on Amazon and then you have to write its honest review on Amazon’s website so that when a customer comes to buy that product, then after reading your review, he should buy that product or not. Get an idea of ​​it.

However, let us tell you that not everyone can become an Amazon Influencer. The chance to become an Amazon influencer comes to such people who are either very famous or who have a high number of followers on their social media accounts.

Therefore, despite being a great way to earn money from Amazon, only people who have a good fan following on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube can do this work. If you are famous on any of the above mentioned platform then you can apply for Amazon Influencer and earn money through it.

7: Brand

Under this, you have to first create a brand of your own, whose quality is also good and whose quantity is also high. Overall, you will have to sell such goods whose quality is better than other goods.

If you have such an item available with you, then you can get the brand registered with Amazon to sell it and get the label from Amazon and start selling it by putting it on your goods. Let us tell you that if you do this type of work, then you get royalty of about 90 percent, because in this the product is also yours.

8: Mechanical Turk

Amazon is the owner of this website, where all the small and big types of work related to online business are received. Such as taking online surveys, completing small tasks, generating bills, answering questions asked, etc.

You can earn money by doing small jobs by joining Amazon Mechanical Turk and you don’t even need to invest anything to join.

You can join Amazon Mechanical Turk without any investment. All the work you do on Amazon Mechanical Turk is paid to you by the Amazon Shopping website.

9: Co-Software Engineer

As big as the website is, some new features are included in it from time to time. Apart from this, sometimes some technical work also comes in big website, which requires a software engineer to correct it.

If you have done software engineering course or you are a software engineer then you can apply for the post of co-software engineer in Amazon company.

Under this, you have to remove the flaws in Amazon’s website and give advice to the management of the company to include the necessary features in it, as well as if the company’s management agrees, then you have to add new features to Amazon’s website. The feature also has to be included.

Apart from this, you also have to overcome the shortcomings in Amazon’s Android application, as well as the technical problem that comes in the other service of Amazon, and you have to find out the solution. To do this work, you have to work in Amazon and for this you get a good salary in a month.

10: Amazon Business

The Amazon Business Platform has been built primarily with business to business sales and purchases in mind. This means that with the help of this portal only that company can start selling its product which sells its goods to any other company. That is to say, if you run a business in which the company remains as a customer, then you can join this platform of Amazon.

If seen, this type of business includes chemicals, instruments and machinery. You can also export your goods to foreign companies or buy their goods with the help of Amazon Business Portal.

11: Amazon Delivery Partner

If you have the money to invest from ₹ 1,00,000 to ₹ 1,50,000, then you can become a delivery partner of Amazon. For this you will need a little godown and also you will have to register yourself with Amazon under Delivery Partner.

After this, the goods that the customers living in your area will book from Amazon, Amazon will send it directly to your godown or your office. After this you have to deliver those goods to the customer with the help of delivery boy. In this way you can earn money by becoming a delivery partner from Amazon.

12: Amazon Delivery Boy

By becoming an Amazon delivery boy, you can get a salary of up to ₹ 10000 in a month and if you do good work, your salary also increases. To get the job of Amazon delivery boy, you have to go to the office of Amazon delivery partner located near your home and after going there you have to talk to the employee present there related to the job of delivery boy.

If the vacancy of delivery boy is vacant in his place, then he will hire him. However, for this you will have to arrange a vehicle and driving license because only those who have their own motorbike and driving license are given the job of delivery boy.

Hope now you have got complete information about Amazon Reseller, Amazon Affiliate and Earning Money from Amazon, and you must have come to know that how to easily earn money from Amazon from your mobile and computer? Amazon Se Paise Kaise Kamaye? Full Guide In Hindi.

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