How to make Video Call in Jio Phone? [Detailed Guide 2022]

How to make Video Call in Jio Phone? In today’s time everyone wants to talk to their relatives through video calling. But many people in rural society use jio phone due to low budget. Now they think that how can I use jio phone for video calling?

How to make Video Call in Jio Phone?

Can I do video calling in Jio phone also? If yes, what is the process for this? All these questions are bound to arise in the mind of every Jio user. But it also has a solution.

In today’s time every person wants to talk in Jio phone. That too through high quality, video calling, this is possible only when you get proper guidance. because without proper guidance Android Like the phone, it becomes impossible to do video calling in Jio phone.

Therefore, everything I have told you has to be followed literally. Let us first know what is a video call? After that we will see how to make video call in Jio Phone?

What is video call?

Video means voice over Internet Using the protocol, any person can make a video call to any other person. Live video of the person making the video call is shown in the video call of the other person This is a very good technology. Through which you can feel close while you are away.

It is beneficial for you to have ear phones or headphones for video calls or you can also talk on loudspeakers. And for this you also need a gadget, you can easily use any laptop, desktop or smartphone for video calling for video calling.

Why do we need to make video calls?

(1) When a person is away from us, we feel close to us by talking to him, that is why we often use video calls.

(2) Every person in the middle class family, be it husband or wife, lives outside the country for the purpose of earning money, they need each other, so they resort to video calls. Through which they see each other and get self satisfaction.

(3) A meeting is also attended through video call, such as using Zoom meeting and Google Meet, through this the startup gets a new direction. Which is the most useful thing, you can give guidance to your employees sitting at home through a video calling, you can also handle them easily. They can also solve any problem of theirs. And whether they are working or not, they can also control their activities.

(4) Diplomats of our country hold political talks with diplomats of other countries through video calls. Through which political stability and continuous supply of arms should be maintained in our country. Let there be no sourness in our relationship. You must have seen during Kovid 19 that all the conference conferences were done through virtual video conference, so the utility of video calling has increased the most during Kovid-19.

So let us now know how to make video call in Jio Phone after all?

How to make Video Call in Jio Phone?

Now the question must be arising in your mind that we know what is video calling? What is its purpose? But now I am getting happy that how to do video calling from Jio phone, what can be the solution? Does it require data? what without Data Why can’t we do video calling from Jio phone?

Is it possible to install any app in it or can do video calling from jio phone even without app. or any of Website Through which we can do video calling in Jio phone, see Jio phone gives limited software to its users.

Like android phone you have neither skype nor imo but without all these you can call in jio phone like android phone but you have to make some changes in your mobile. Let us know what changes can be made to do video calling?

Make video calling using Jio video call app.

Jio video call is no less than a panacea for the Jio phone user. Because through this video call you can easily make a call to another person with a Jio phone.

it Software Jio Reliance has specially made for its Jio customers. Because Mukesh Ambani knew that we are giving less facilities in our Jio phone, through which the user of Jio phone may have to face many difficulties.

Therefore, to overcome these difficulties, Mukesh Ambani has developed the software of Jio Video Call Apps. Through which you can talk easily. According to a survey, the video call app used in Jio Phone provides very high quality video calling.

Jio phone has both front and back camera. Megapixels are less like Android phones, you don’t get 13 megapixels front and 10 megapixels back camera, but whatever megapixel front camera or back camera remains, it is excellent in Jio phone. Because the lens used in it is of very high quality because this lens is obtained from the mines of South Africa.

So now the question must be arising in your mind that how to use this jio video app, from where to install it? Do you have to install it from play store like android phone. No brother, you can easily install, for this you do not have to make any effort, for this you just have to easily open the Jio Store.

Now you have to search Jio video call app and install it. But the thing to note is that after installing this app, it is mandatory to have Jio video call app in the mobile of any Jio phone on which you are calling.

If this app is not there then you cannot make calls. And the thing to keep in mind is that your number should also be saved in that phone. Otherwise you will be denied the service of Jio video call, so let’s know. What is the process of jio video call?

how to use jio video call app in jio phone

  • First of all open internet data in your jio phone. After opening, go to Jio Store, you have to search Jio Video Call App in Jio Store.
  • Just have to install this app, after installing, when you will open this app. So you will ask permission if I can use your audio and video and gallery pic, then you allow it. If you deny it then you cannot run this app, you have to allow it.
  • After allowing, you have to register with your Jio number. As soon as you enter the number to register, you will get OTP, fill up that OTP in the box. After that you will be easily login to your Jio video call app.
  • When you are logged in, you will get two options to make a video call, a recent call and a contact list, you have to click on the contact list. Now whoever you want to call. Click on that number in that contact list.
  • Direct video calling will start. But yes you have to keep in mind that it is mandatory to have Jio video app in their mobile too. If the app is not there then they cannot talk to you.
  • Before you make a video call, you can call them and ask them to turn on your data and at the same time if you do not have the Jio video call app, then install it, then only we can talk to each other.

After explaining all this thing to them you call you will not have any problem you will be able to talk easily with high quality.

One of the features of this app is that there is no call drop i.e. the call remains neutral which we call net neutrality and at the same time does not allow your voice to break. The image you will see will be completely clear. And at the same time the voice which will remain clear, you will not get the noise noise in the voice, this is all the feature of this app which makes it different from other video calling software.

How to make Video Call from Android Phone to Jio Phone?

Android phone users often ask that if they want to do video calling on a Jio phone from their phone, then how will it happen? What are the options in this? Through which I can make calls through my android phone.

So I want to tell you that Jio has made Jio Chat app for Android phone. Through this you can call Jio phone users. That too easily but you have to take care of whichever Jio phone user you are calling. They should have Jio video call app in their phone.

Only then you can do video calling from Android phone to Jio phone, what do you have to do for this? All you have to do is install the JioChat app from the Google Play Store. So let’s know how to install the app, what is asked to register in it. What is his process? Now we will know through this article.

Process to use jio chat app

  • First of all, you have to turn on your internet data and go to Google Play Store. You have to search Jio chat app in play store. And install jio chat app on your mobile.
  • After installing it will ask you for some permissions like access to your video and audio as well as file manager. You allow it, after allo you login with your jio number.
  • After login, you will get two list of recents and list of contacts. You click on the list of contact list. And click on the person you want to call.
  • Just you have to keep in mind that any Jio user you are calling should have Jio video call app in his mobile. Otherwise if this app is not there then you cannot make calls. So before you make a video call to them, you can call them and tell them through your voice call that you turn on your internet data.
  • If you do not have Jio Video Call App in your phone, then you can install Jio Video Call App from Jio Store. After doing this you can call your friend through Jio Chat app. That too with your Android phone you will not have any problem.

So friends, hope that now you have come to know the complete process of making video calls from Jio phone, and you must have known that how to make video call in Jio Phone? And what is the app for making video calls in Jio Phone.

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