Jio Phone Me PUBG Game Kaise Khele?

Jio Phone Me PUBG Game Kaise Khele? There is a lot of craze among the children about the PUBG game. So when kids get a phone, they first like to install pubg game on the phone. Pubg game is easily downloaded or installed in smartphone but it is very difficult to play Pubg game in Jio phone.

Jio Phone Me PUBG Game Kaise Khele?

Many people think that pubg game can be installed in Jio phone, but what is its truth, they are unaware of it. So in this article, we will give you information about whether you can play PUBG game in Jio phone or not, as well as Jio Phone Me PUBG Game Kaise Khele? Will tell about this too.

Jio Phone Me PUBG Game Kaise Khele?

First of all, we want to tell you clearly that you cannot play pubg game in jio phone, because jio phone is not able to fulfill the requirement to play pubg game. So if someone tells you that he has played pubg game in jio phone or pubg game can be played in jio phone, then this thing is absolutely false.

Jio phone runs in Android smartphone and especially for playing it properly, you need a smart phone above 2GB. RAM Should be, as well as its internal storage should also be good, because the graphics that are in the Pubg game are of very high quality. So jio phone does not support pubg game. Pubg game normally works on the following operating systems.

OS Version: ANDROID 5.1 or greater
iOS 9.0 or higher
Processor / Frequency: 2 GHz: 480 or higher
Free Storage of Game: 5 GB SPACE
Internet Speed: 4G connection

If the above-mentioned requirement is not inside a smartphone, but that smartphone is an Android smartphone, then even if you have installed the PUBG game on that smart phone by any means, then the PUBG game will not work properly. Actually the graphics of PUBG game is of very high quality and this is the reason why the smartphone in which it is run,

It should also have more RAM, as well as its CPU It should also be powerful, only then it will support the game properly and you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest in your smartphone.

Jio Phone Me PUBG Game Install Kaise Kare?

You can not play pubg game in JIOPHONE, but now the question is also coming in your mind that why we can not play pubg game in jio phone, then tell that you can not install pubg game in jio phone. Because of Jio phone Operating System he is not ANDROID Neither is iOS.

Pubg game is made for Android platform or iOS platform only, inside the same Jio phone you get KAIOS OPERATING SYSTEM. In this way, it is absolutely clear that you can not download or install any kind of Android application in Jio phone if it is PUBG.

Although we also know that you must have found many such videos on YouTube, in which it will be told that you can install pubg game in jio phone, as well as those videos were shown by playing pubg game in jio phone. Will happen. Actually such videos are not correct. These videos are made by editing, that too just to get likes and views and to increase the subscriber of your channel.

How to play pubg in jio phone? REAL OR FAKE

Jio phone is a keypad phone, which supports HTML5 application and has 4G KAIOS operating system and if we talk about KAIOS, then this company prepares the application for keypad phone, which is a smartphone in normal phone. Just like it gives the service to operate the application.

Some of the world’s popular applications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Search and Google Assistant have been included by the developer and in the future by the developer it will include streaming, travel, social media gaming, entertainment and health related. Another application has also been announced.

This simply means that in future you will be able to download and play your favorite game in your Jio phone with the help of KAIOS STORE.

However, let us tell you that KAIOS is not Android, but it is a Java supporting operating system, which supports Java applications and that is why in phones that work on the KAIOS operating system, you cannot download Android applications in any way. Can’t or can’t install.

The RAM of Jio phone is also very less. Apart from this, the internal storage in Jio Phone is only 512MB. Therefore, to play any high graphic game, you need a smartphone with more than 2GB of RAM. That’s why it is impossible to play pubg game in jio phone.

How to play pubg in youtube jio phone?

When you have searched on YouTube about how to play pubg in jio phone, then you must have seen many videos, in which it will also be shown that how people play pubg game in jio phone and you must be thinking that After all, how do they do this, then let us tell that they are all fake videos.

The videos that come on YouTube are not those of the Jio phone, but they are played in the smartphone and through the screen recorder they are recorded and put on the YouTube channel and in the title it is told that you can play PUBG game in your Jio phone. can play.

Therefore, if you see a video on YouTube in which PUBG is being played in Jio phone or read an article in which it is being told that PUBG can be played in Jio phone, then that video is also false and that article too. is false.


Can we play pubg game in jio phone?


Why can’t play pubg game in jio phone?

The operating system of Jio Phone does not support PUBG.

For which platform pubg game is made?

Android and iOS

Which mobile is best for playing pubg?

smart fone

Can we not play any game in jio phone?

You can play some games in Jio phone.

So friends hope that now you have got complete information related to playing pubg game in Jio phone and you must have come to know that Jio Phone Me PUBG Game Kaise Khele?

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