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Paytm LoanPaytm Bank Provides Personal Loan Offers time to time. If you talk about the loan amount, then according to your monthly income, depending on how much you earn every month, Paytm offers you a loan from Rs 1000 to 1 lakhs.

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    Paytm Personal loan Online Service

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    In this loan of Paytm, the entire process is done online. You do not have to go to any bank etc. even once to take a loan.

    The special thing is that the entire process of taking the loan is completed within 2 minutes and the money is transferred to your account within two minutes.

    You can avail this service of Paytm on National Holidays and Sundays as well, i.e. any day and at any time.

    Who gets the loan Easily?

    This new instant loan is available to employed, small business owners and professionals. In this loan is given on the basis of your credit score.

    Also, this loan of Paytm has to be repaid in 18-36 months and you can pay accordingly. The company has tied up with many NBFCs and banks to provide this facility and you can manage the entire account with the Paytm app.

    How can I take Personal loan through Paytm?

    If you also want to take a loan through Paytm, then you have to complete the further process by going to the Financial Services section of the Paytm app and then clicking on the Personal Loan tab.

    After this you will have to give the requested information and your eligibility will be seen and after that money will be transferred to your account.