Resignation Letter Kaise Likhe? How to write resignation letter?

In the present time, every person works in some office or works in some company to earn money. Many times it happens that in the course of doing a job, there is more work pressure on the person or he realizes that his salary is less. In today’s post, we will know about Resignation Letter Kaise Likhe? How to write resignation letter?

Resignation Letter Kaise Likhe?  How to write resignation letter?

So he thinks of quitting his job. However, apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there can be many reasons for which a person wants to resign from the job.

If any employee wants to leave the job from his company, then he has to write a resignation letter, which is also called the Resignation Letter and the details of why he wants to leave the job. If you are also willing to leave the job, then in this content you will get Resignation Letter Kaise Likhe? How to write resignation letter? Its details are being given.

What is the Resignation Letter?

In Hindi language it is also called resignation letter or resignation. It is a type of information letter in which the person has to explain why he wants to leave the job from an office or company. When an employee resigns or resigns in the company or office, he presents this fact in front of his company or office that he will no longer be able to work in the company or office.

For your information, let us tell you that whenever you write a resignation letter, you have to use decent words in it and present your point in simple and simple language. This will ensure that your resignation will be accepted and your boss will not have any bad feelings towards you.

Resignation Letter Kaise Likhe?

Every person can have their own reasons for giving a resume in a job. However, whenever you write a resume letter, you have to use the right words in it, so that even after your design is approved, there is no bitterness in the relationship between you and your boss. Let us tell you that it is necessary to include some important information in writing the resume letter, the details of which are being given to you below.

1: Talk to your boss

Whenever you make complete preparations to resign from the job, then you have to meet your boss before resigning and only then you have to give the resignation letter to him. When you give the Resign letter, you have to focus in it and tell that you have submitted the Resign letter only after consultation with your boss.

2: Format of the Resignation Letter

When you submit your resignation letter, you also have to give necessary information about the last tenure of your office, as well as what kind of environment you got during working in the office or company and how did you progress by working, You have to tell about this too.

In the resume letter, you also have to tell what you got to learn from the company or the office. Apart from this, the main thing is that you should also tell in the letter that the work you used to do in the office or in the company, you have submitted the resignation letter only after handing over that work to another person. This is the mark of a good worker.

3: Use polite language

Irrespective of the reason for leaving your office or company, when you write the resume letter, you have to use simple language in that too and not you have to use the original language in frustration.

Whatever things you write in the resume letter, you have to write it clearly so that at once the person understands what you have written in the resume letter and why you want to do the resume. Apart from this, you have to praise all the other employees in your office while working and you have to stay positive after leaving the office.

4: Follow the protocol

If you are about to leave the job from the company and you have told this thing to other employees working with you inside but you have not yet informed your boss about it, then it is a wrong thing. Not only should you tell your co-workers about leaving the job, you should also inform your boss immediately and respectfully tell them about leaving the job.

This will mean that he will also ask you why you want to leave the job. In such a situation, if the reason for leaving your job is justified, then he will try to solve your problem. Because of this, you may not even have to leave the job.

5: Do not compare with any company

After leaving the job, when you take a job in another company, then you neither have to compare your old company with your new company nor compare your new company with your old company, but you are getting what you are getting. I want to be happy

Resignation Letter Format In Hindi


Mr. Manager Sir,

__________ (company or office name),

__________ branch (city name)

Subject: For Resigning from Job.


Humble request that I (my name) ________ your company_________(company name) in the post of _____(post name) since last 5 years. I assumed my post in your company on _______. I have been selected for the post of Head Manager in another company (Name of the company) on ________________ (write the reason for leaving the company).

I have gained a wide range of experiences working in your company and that is what I am taking with me. I pray to God that this company reaches the heights of success.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to accept my resignation letter from _____ (name of the post) from __________ date.

Yours faithfully

(own name) ________

Post Name __________

date __________

signature __________

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