Share Market Books In Hindi [TOP 10 शेयर मार्किट बुक्स 2022]

Share Market Books In Hindi [TOP 10 शेयर मार्किट बुक्स 2022] Who doesn’t like making money? The condition of the 21st century is such that the more money a person has, the more he gets respect. In the last few years, mutual coordination has been replaced by money. Earlier, mutual coordination was what mattered the most.

Share Market Books In Hindi [TOP 10 शेयर मार्किट बुक्स 2022]

In the last two years, the interest of people towards the stock market has increased very rapidly. Some people make a lot of money from the stock market on the basis of their understanding, while some people lose all their income in this market and later say that the stock market is a very bad thing. Today in this post we are going to share Best Share Market Books in Hindi! Will see

Understanding the stock market is not easy for anyone. It is very difficult to find out when which company’s stock goes down and which one goes down, although it is not impossible. So in today’s article we have brought books related to share market (Share Market Books In Hindi) [TOP 10 शेयर मार्किट बुक्स 2022]So read this article carefully till the end.

Top Share Market Books In Hindi

Share Market In 1 way, it is a game of gambling. No one knows when someone’s fate will fall, and on the other hand, when someone’s fate will sink, he does not even know. Which company’s stock will go up and which company’s stock will go down.

It is very difficult for a common person to find out about it. However, there are many such learned people, who keep increasing their income by using this trick. Boxes related to share market have been written by many learned people.

By reading which we can find out where we should invest our money. It is better to keep money like this than to invest it in some place and make money from that money. Many people make themselves financially free from this stock market itself.

Financially free is the situation when you have enough money that you can live the rest of your life comfortably without earning. The stock market is a very unpredictable market, it cannot be said when whose boat will be crossed and when it will sink.

The trend of reading books has reduced to a great extent in today’s face, because people now like to understand more by watching videos. But by reading books, understanding things from them and discussing them has its own different fun.

Reading books increases our ability to get bored, due to which we are able to increase restraint in ourselves. The ability to learn is very high inside a human being, in the same way, the stock market is also such a thing that no matter how much you learn, complete knowledge is never attained. To understand the stock market too, many authors have written many books, which new investors read and make their debut in the stock market. By reading these books, we get to know about all the important things about the stock market.

If you are also going to start your own in the stock market, then it is very important that by reading some books, you must increase your knowledge about the stock market, so that you keep your steps in the stock market with strength, trust, restraint, and knowledge. And also increase your wealth.

So let’s know about those ten books (Top 10 Share Market Books In Hindi) by reading which we can increase our stock market knowledge –

  • The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The author of this book, Benjamin Graham, is the mentor of the world’s famous investor Warren Buffett, when Warren Buffett was 17 years old, he read this book. The author told that investment is when any person puts his money in such a place, about which he has thoroughly researched.

Wherever he has invested money, he knows all the information about it, and all his investments are known to the public. With this type of investment, the person’s money is not only safe, but he also gets reasonable interest. It would be more correct to call all other types of investments as betting and not investments.

Many such fine and important things have been explained very beautifully by Mr. Benjamin in this book. Every person entering the stock market must read this book once. This book will be available to you on Amazon in a quantity of Rs.479.

  • Stocks to Riches by Parag Parikh

Mr Parag Parikh, the author of this book, was a very successful value investor. In Stocks to Riches, he has explained in great detail the basis of investing in the stock market, behavioral finance i.e. the place where the behavior of the investor and the financial advisor is influenced by his mental reaction, and trade and investor psychology.

For whom does this book become very important?

  • Any person who wants his wealth to grow in the right way through investment (not business but investment).
  • A seasoned investor, but want to build a firm resolve to handle their emotions during their investing journey, then this book is for them.

You will get this book on Amazon for just Rs.412.

  • Romancing the Balance Sheet by Anil Lamba

In this book, the author has given the basis of the balance sheet, how the balance sheet is made, how to read the balance sheet, what things you should pay more attention to while reading it and some very important rules related to balance sheet in very detail. is explained.

Investors in the stock market must read this book, but if you are running a business or are thinking of starting a new business, then this book will prove to be very helpful for you. Very good book to define transactions involving money in general.

It understands about the organization in a very practical way. Apart from this, all kinds of misconceptions have been explained very well in this book and this book should be a beginner book for anyone to understand in detail about money and accounting.

You will get this book on Amazon for just Rs 383.

  • Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

Many different types of characteristic traits are seen in the career of every investor, such as fear, anger, despair, confusion, self-confidence. The author of the book, Mark says, “Consistent Winners Think Without Emotions” (Consistent winners think without emotion).

In this book, he explains in great detail many secret elements related to investing. one of which ismental state, Mark says that adopting the right mindset is what makes a professional investor unique from other investors. The author has shared many such important things in this book, such as

  • Learn to Embrace Risk.
  • The Five Fundamental Truths are the five fundamental truths.
  • Don’t fall in to the gambler’s fallacy.
  • Have a care free state of mind i.e. a carefree state of mind. Which means letting go of the situation of worrying too much.
  • Overcome all your trading fear means overcoming all your fears associated with investing.

You will get this book on Amazon for just Rs.999.

  • One Up on Wall Street By Peter Lynch

The author of the book, Peter Lynch, suggests that you should stop listening to professional investors. According to the author, he has come to know by watching these professional investors that if a common person uses even 3 percent of his brain, then he can go to great heights in the stock market and can earn billions of crores.

This book explains in great detail how you can earn money by using what you already know about. For example, when Mr. Peter bought Apple laptops for his company, he came to know about Apple’s demand for its service and stability.

Similarly, when you also go to buy any goods in the market, you take a product only after knowing about many companies, how to use such small information to earn a lot of money, that you detail through this book. I will know. You will get this book on Amazon for just Rs.412.

  • Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher

Through this book, the famous author Philip A. Fisher has told that there are 5 such habits which are not there in any successful investor.

  • The first habit is Don’t Quibble Over Eight and Quarter (Don’t Quibble over Eight and Quarter), That is, author Fisher says that every small investor should buy a stock at the market price if he finds it attractive. Do not lose your future profits in the pursuit of saving 20-25 money.
  • Don’t invest in any stock just by looking at the annual reports and colorful charts because the company sets it up in such a way that it looks very attractive and you invest in it. Before investing in any company, you should check all its facts, profits, losses and all kinds of information in detail.
  • Don’t Give Most Importance to the Past History (Don’t Give Most Importance to the past History), That is, any investor should not invest in any company because its stock has given very good investment in the last one year.

Many such habits have been described in great detail in this book. You will get this book on Amazon for just Rs.549.

  • Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch

Mr Peter Lynch USA He is one of the most successful fund managers of the company, all the books written by him are in different demand in the market. Peter Lynch in Learn Then Earn USA It has talked about how the economy started from zero and became the world’s largest economy in this competitive world.

We have talked about how important it is for our economy to invest in the stock market. As well as the complete history of the stock market, that is, how the stock market started, what things you should pay attention to while investing, many things like these have been talked about in great detail.

You will get this book on Amazon for Rs 450 only.

  • Good to Great by Jim Collins

Through this book, the author Jim Collins says that the good is the enemy of the great. They say we don’t have great skills because we have good skills. We don’t have great governance because we have good governance. Similarly, most companies do not become great companies because they are all good companies.

In this book, the author has explained how good companies can become great companies. This entire book is about this, so whether you are an investor, trader or businessman, it is very important for you to know the answer to this question.

To turn any good into great, a special leadership is needed which the author named Level Five Leadership. You can read this book to know about all these in more detail. You will get this book on Amazon for just Rs.827.

  • The Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham

This book may seem difficult to read due to being a bit technical, but this book is a treasure in itself, famous investor Warren Buffett has mentioned this book many times.

Inside this book the author said –

  • What is Good Investment What is a good investment?
  • Investing Techniques in Indian Market What is the technique of investing in Indian market?
  • How is this stock price decided i.e. how is the stock price decided?
  • What is the difference between investment and betting?

Author Graham has tried to explain many more important topics like these in great detail in his book. You will get this book on Amazon for just Rs.710.

  • Market Wizard By jack D. Schwager

Mr. Jack wrote this book which means market magician after interviewing 17 of the country’s biggest investors. He wanted to know what are the qualities that make any common man a great investor.

They all were looking for a common pattern, forward thinking, practical generality, so that they could understand and test those common qualities and explain them to the rest of the world. During his interview series, he

  • desire
  • discipline
  • determination
  • Control
  • Independence
  • risk taking ability
  • ability to bear losses

Found many common things like this and explained these patterns in detail in his book. This book will be available to you on Amazon for Rs.495. Hope you now enjoy Share Market Books In Hindi [TOP 10 शेयर मार्किट बुक्स 2022] Full information related to it would have been received.

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