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  1. When will my coin withdrawal payment come?

Answer – Friends, whenever you will apply Withdrawal in the application, after that you check the transaction history of your Withdrawal after 24 hours.  If your Withdrawal transaction history is showing then you will get payment within 24 hours, and if transaction history is not showing then please contact us.

2. What to do if the transaction history is showing and still the payment is not received?

Answer – If you do not get the payment even after viewing the transaction history, then contact us on the given email, we will get you your payment as soon as possible.

3. What to do if the amount does not reach our bank account or paytm account even after the withdrawal is successful?

Answer – For this problem you have to talk to your bank or paytm company, in this case we will not be able to help you

4. Why should we install this app and play games in it?

Answer – This app is a very popular app of 2021, which gives millions of rupees to its users for playing games every day, you can also earn daily from this app.

Special Note – If still you have any complaint with this app, then please contact us by visiting the contact page, we will try to solve all your problems as soon as possible.