UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare? (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay)

Today every person has got a smartphone in which he installs and keeps the necessary application. Those essential applications must also include an online fund transfer application. In today’s post, we will know about UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare? (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay)

UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare?  (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay)

You must also be using some money sending application and you must know that without UPI ID, money cannot be exchanged online.

That is why creating a UPI ID is very important. Sometimes we need to change our UPI ID. In such a situation, we should know how to change the UPI ID. So let’s see that finally UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare?

UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare?

As you know that every person has started having a smartphone in today’s time and to send money he uses online money transfer application to avoid the lines in the bank. The facility to transfer money online in India provides various types of applications, mainly Phone Pay, Google Pay, Bharat Pay application is the main application.

Most of these people also use applications like Phone Pay and Google Pay. Therefore, further in the article, we have given you information about how to change UPI PIN on some major applications so that you can change your UPI ID whenever you want.

What is UPI PIN?

It is a type of secret key which is used for online transaction of bank account. If you do not have UPI ID then you cannot transfer funds online from any application or receive funds from any person. Normally UPI ID is 4 to 6 digits long. Although sometimes it can be of 10 marks as an exception.

Your UPI ID is generated till you link your bank account with any application. Suppose you have installed Google Pay application on your smartphone and you want to transfer funds through Google Pay application.

So for this you have to link your bank account with Google Pay application. When you link your bank account with Google Pay application, you will get UPI ID.

Many people do not know the full name of UPI, so tell them that its full name is Unified Payment Interface and the full name of PIN is Personal Identification Number. Unified Payment Interface has revolutionized the direction of making online payments.

No user now prefers to go to the bank to transfer funds, because most of the people have a smartphone and all the people have some online fund transfer application through which they can easily sit away from their bank account. Money can be sent to any person’s bank account.

If you have a UPI ID and you know the UPI ID of the person in front, then you do not even need to take his bank account details to send money to him because you can send money directly on his UPI ID only which will direct him. will be found in his bank account.

PhonePe UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare?

Phone Pe online money transfer application from Google play store has been downloaded more than 100 million times which means that this application is being liked by most of the people and most of the people transfer funds online through this application.

PhonePe not only lets you transfer funds online, it also lets you buy insurance, make investments, recharge your phone and many more. To change the UPI ID on the phone, you have to follow the procedure given below.

1: If you use the PhonePe application and want to change the UPI ID on the PhonePe application, then first of all open the PhonePe application. If you have entered a password, then also enter the password so that the application will be opened on the phone.

2: When the interface of the PhonePe application is opened, then you have to click on the icon with your profile visible on the top side.

3: Now you will see the bank account. You have to click on Bank Account.

4: Now you will see an option named Reset on your screen. To change your PIN, you have to click on this reset option.

5: Now you have to enter the last 6 digits of your Debit card / ATM card in the designated place and the expiry date given in the card, you also have to enter it in the designated place. After this the Done or button has to be pressed.

6: Now an otp will be sent on your phone number which is linked with the bank account. Enter that OTP on the screen where enter otp is written. Some applications automatically fetch the OTP. otp Once submitted, you can generate your new UPI ID.

Google Pay UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare?

Along with Phone Pay, Google Pay is one such money sending application, which is used by most of the Indian people. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it gives an opportunity to earn money by referring it.

Apart from this, you definitely get some cashback on bill payment or doing any other work. That’s why people like to send and receive money online through Google Pay application. To change Google Pay UPI ID, you have to follow the steps given below.

1: If you want to change the UPI ID in the Google Pay application, then first of all open the Google Pay application on your smartphone.

2: After the application is opened, click on your profile photo.

3: Now you have to click on the option named payment method.

4: Now you will be seeing the name of the bank on your screen, you have to click on the bank whose UPI PIN you want to change.

5: Now you have to click on the 3 dot line you see in the top side, click on Change upi pin option and after that create your new pin.

BHIM UPI PIN Change Kaise Kare?

The full name of BHIM is Bharat Interface for Money which is a payment application using which you can do online transactions through UPI ID. You can send money to any person directly in his bank account through the application or you can send money to him through UPI ID or you can also send money to him by scanning QR code.

Apart from this, you can also request to receive money from the person in front with the help of UPI ID. BHIM application also lets you create custom UPI ID. At present, if you want to change the BHIM UPI PIN, then follow the procedure given below.

1: If you use BHIM UPI application, then first you have to open BHIM application in your phone and after that you have to click on the icon with your profile.

2After this you will see the option of setting, you have to click on the option of setting.

3: Now you will see the option to edit your UPI ID on your screen. So you have to click on the edit option and after that you have to enter your new UPI ID.

4: If the UPI ID entered by you is available then you have to click on the Confirm Key button. After doing this you will be asked to confirm once again, once again you have to click on the confirm key button.

By doing just this, the UPI ID will be changed in the BHIM application.

Top UPI Applications Used in India

All government or private banks in India have their own online banking application available, but not all applications support UPI, nor do all applications use UPI. There are some applications in which you cannot add another person’s bank account. Therefore, in such a situation, online money transfer application is very useful.

There are mainly three famous online money transfer applications in India which include Google Pay, PhonePe and BHIM application and almost most of the people of India use any one of these three applications.

These three applications support all types of private and government banks and with this application you can easily link your bank account and start money transactions immediately after that. Apart from sending and receiving money, this application also lets you make investments, buy insurance, book tickets, recharge and do many other things.

Why Change/Reset UPI PIN?

There are many reasons to change the UPI PIN. For example, if we forget to set the PIN of our bank account, then we are not able to do transactions without it. That’s why we need to change the pin. Apart from this, if someone else comes to know about our PIN, then our money can be withdrawn illegally.

That’s why there is a need to change the UPI PIN. Sometimes the default UPI PIN is a bit strange. Therefore, to create the UPI PIN of your choice, the UPI PIN is also changed or reset.

“How to Change UPI ID” Through this article, we gave you information about “What is UPI ID” and “How to Change UPI ID”, as well as we also told you that Google Pay, Phone Pay and BHIM How to change UPI ID and why it is necessary to change UPI ID on the application.

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