What is backlink? Backlink Kya Hai In Hindi? Full details 2022

The owner of every website and blog wants that the blog or website that they have created, Google should bring it to the search engine quickly and Google should start indexing their website or blog post immediately! So friends, in today’s post, we will know what is the backlink after all? Backlink Kya Hai In Hindi? Full details 2022!

What is backlink?  Backlink Kya Hai In Hindi?  Full details 2022

So that the number of visitors to the website / blog increases rapidly and google adsense He started earning a lot by putting an ad, but all this is not so easy. If all this was easy, every other person in India is a successful person today. blogger it happens.

To become a successful blogger, after creating a blog, many important things have to be kept in mind, one of them is to create backlinks. Many expert bloggers have accepted that Website To Google Backlinks play a very important role in getting good rankings.

That’s why we should make backlinks from high authority websites, so let us know what is backlink? Backlink Kya Hai In Hindi?” and “What are the Types of Backlinks.”

What is backlink?

Backlink Link building is a process whereby one website to another website or one web page is linked to another page.

To explain this by giving an example, suppose that the link of your website is present anywhere on any top website, whether it is in the middle of the post or even in the comment box! So this is called a backlink and when a visitor comes to that top website, then in some way or the other, if the backlink of your website comes in his eyes, then he clicks on it and goes to your website.

In this way the visitors of your website increase. The same thing happens on the website whose website’s link is available on your website. You can use many methods to create backlinks out of which some methods are paid and some methods are free.

In the free way, you have to write articles for other top websites and in return you get a banklink. The better the backlink of your website, the more trustworthy your website will be by Google and due to this your website will benefit greatly in search results and the number of visitors of your website will also increase.

What are the types of banklinks?

You will get to hear about total two types of backlinks on the internet, in which the first is do follow backlinks and the second is no follow back links. Both of these have a very important role in search engine optimization, but one of them gives a lot of benefit of backlink, while the benefit of other backlink is very less in search engine optimization but both of them are needed for blog.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

Do follow backlin is considered to be the most important and useful in the world of SEO. Because do follow backlink is considered a very powerful back link under which the authority of one site is passed to another site. You have a new blog for the example and your authority in your niche is very less.

So in such a situation, if you get a Do follow backlink from a blog with a big authority in your niche. So this increases the authority of your blog.

That’s why it is not easy to get a do follow backlink, big bloggers try hard to get a do follow link. Let us tell you that no type of attribute is used inside the dofollow link and its code is as follows.

Link Text

If a blog or website has a good quality dofollow backlink, then it proves to be very helpful in getting its website a good position in Google search.

And let us also tell you that if you do search engine optimization, then do follow link is considered very important for this too and those websites whose do follow links are less or do not exist, those websites are Google more. Doesn’t matter.

Where to use Dofollow backlinks?

You can use dofollow backlinks in the following places.

• If you want, you can comment by going to the comment box of the high authority website or blog and give a link to your website. By doing this a do follow link will be created, due to which Google will give good ranking to your website.

• The topic on which you have created your website, you have to find another website related to the same topic and have a conversation with the owner of that website regarding guest posting. If he agrees, then you have to write a high quality article and make a guest post on that website. Even after doing this, you will get a good dofollow backlinks, which will increase the ranking of your website.

• If you want, you can also get do follow back link through related post.

Advantages of Dofollow Backlinks

• If your blog or your website has a good amount of do follow back links, then due to this, the page ranking of your blog or your website increases very fast.

• Due to this, the quality of your website or your blog also increases very fast and the domain authority of your blog or your website also increases.

• Due to this backlink, the original traffic on your website increases very fast, so that if you have placed an advertisement for Google Adsense, then your earnings are also high.

What are nofollow backlinks?

If seen, it is not needed at all in search engine optimization, because this type of backlink does not even pass the link juice i.e. authority, but if you have to create an image of your blog or your website then it is very important. Bloggers who want to improve their profile, website or their blog should use it. The code for this type of backlink is as mentioned below.

Link Text

you different social media For example, the backlinks created on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram are called Nofollow back links and the links created on all those social media are kept in the category of Nofollow backlinks. Through this, traffic comes to your website or your blog, but in the eyes of Google, such traffic is not of much importance.

That is why you must have seen that the owner of every website wants only organic traffic to come on his website or on his blog, that is, people reach his website by searching from Google. However, this also does not mean that you do not have to share your website posts on social media. If you share the post of your website on social media, then by doing this more and more people know about your website.

Where to use Nofollow Backlinks

You can use nofollow backlinks in the following places.

• To use it, you have to go to the comment box of any high authority or high traffic website and use it there. By doing this there will be traffic increase on your website or your blog.

• If you want, you can also use it on social media, so that people know about your website or your blog and social media traffic also comes to your website.

• If you use it as an affiliate product then it will not make any difference to your website. You can use it anywhere and Google will not be able to track your website.

• The website or blog which is not related to your website, you can create it there too and can increase the traffic of your own website.

Advantages of Nofollow Backlinks

• Google will not consider your website as Spam.

• The number of visitors to your website will increase.

• You can also promote any other website through your own website.

• It works to protect you from Google bot system and also checks how much spam score your website has.

• Using this your website’s Spam Score will be low.

Why is it necessary to create a bank link?

It is very important to create backlinks under off page search engine optimization. If your website has a good number of backlinks available, then because of this your website will get a good place in Google’s search engine ranking and you know this thing that when a website has good ranking, then it will get good ranking. are also posted, Google quickly indexes it and tries to show it on the first page of the Google search engine.

Having more backlinks also increases the domain authority of your website and we want to tell you clearly here that the higher the domain authority of the website or blog, the more Google will post on that website or that blog. Gives a very good rank to the going article in the search result.

Due to which traffic comes to your website or your blog by filling it and because of this, if your website or your blog is advertised, then the clicks are also more, due to which your daily income will also be more. It becomes

Domain authority is called DA in short and the website which has more domain authority, Google considers them as a trustable website. Therefore it is necessary that if you have created a blog or website, then increase its domain authority ie DA and try to make DoFollow backlink as much as possible.

Here we also want to tell for your information that, when you create your website or your blog, then immediately after that you also have to start creating dofollow backlinks, so that you can quickly achieve success in the field of blogging. Can you

Along with this, you have to continue the process of building good content as well as backlinks continuously, because the higher the amount of dofollow backlinks, the more your website and you will benefit. Thus now you must have understood why building backlinks is considered important.

You learned in this article “What is Backlink? Backlink Kya Hai In Hindi?” And “What are the types of backlinks”, we also gave you information about “what is dofollow backlink” and “what is nofollow backlink” in the article.

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