What is FM Whatsapp? How To Download FM Whatsapp?

What is FM Whatsapp? How To Download FM Whatsapp? At present, most people’s favorite messaging app is WhatsApp, this messaging app was created by both Brian Acton and Jan Koum, but later this app was bought by the Facebook company, so in today’s time, the WhatsApp app is the application of the Facebook company. Is.

What is FM Whatsapp?  How To Download FM Whatsapp?

Even after launching the WhatsApp app, many changes were made in it and many new features were added, but despite this, many alternative apps of this app are being launched in the market today and one of them is FM Whatsapp.

People do not have specific information about FM whatsapp, but there will be many of you who are using this WhatsApp. Let us tell you that this is a mod version of WhatsApp Original WhatsApp which comes with many advanced features.

So in today’s article we will tell you what is FM Whatsapp? How To Download FM Whatsapp?Will give you detailed information about how to update or what are the advanced features in it.

What is FM Whatsapp?

FM WhatsApp is a messaging app similar to the official WhatsApp, but the app is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. In this, you get to see many advanced features as compared to the official WhatsApp such as Hide Blue Tick, Anti Delete Messages, Hide Last Seen, Read Deleted Message, Chat Lock etc. Apart from this, you can also customize WhatsApp according to your convenience by visiting the theme store of this WhatsApp.

Keeping in mind the demand of users, the developer of this WhatsApp has added many features related to customization and privacy, which you do not find on the official WhatsApp. At present, this WhatsApp is only available for Android and iOS, you cannot use it with the official WhatsApp.

The developer of FM whatsapp is named Fouad Mokdad, so he has named this WhatsApp after his name as FM whatsapp.

How To Download FM Whatsapp?

FM whatsapp app is a third party app due to which you will not find it in google play store application because this app does not follow the privacy policy and terms and condition of google play store application, so if you want to download this app So you have to go to third party website.

If you want to use this WhatsApp, then for this you have to change some settings of your phone, like first you have to back up your official WhatsApp then uninstall it, after backing up you can also restore your chat. can do. If you do not do this and install FM whatsapp without uninstalling the official WhatsApp, then you will get to see the error.

Well, there are many websites on Google to download FM whatsapp apk file, many of them are not useful, so we are going to tell you the complete procedure to download this apk file so that you can easily download FM whatsapp apk file. can download whatsapp apk file.

  • To download FM whatsapp apk file, first of all go to the web browser in your mobile and search by typing FM whatsapp download in the search bar.
  • After this, different versions of FM WhatsApp will open in front of you in many websites.
  • From this, you can select the APK file from one of the Trusted Third-party websites and then click on the download button.
  • Now its apk file will start downloading and after that you can install it.
  • After installing, read and allow all the permissions asked for.

how to install fm whatsapp in mobile

After downloading FM whatsapp, you have to install it in your mobile, follow our given steps to install.

  • To install FM WhatsApp on mobile, first go to Settings.
  • After this, enable Unknown Sources by going to the Security section.
  • Now open the downloaded file and click on install icon, after that FM WhatsApp will be installed on your mobile in 2 to 3 minutes.

How to create your account on FM Whatsapp

Creating an account on FM whatsapp is very easy, just as you create your account on official WhatsApp, in the same way we have to create our account on this WhatsApp also, to create an account on this WhatsApp, we will give you some The steps are being told so that you can easily create your account.

  • To create an account, first open FM whatsapp in your mobile, now you will see the option of “agree and continue”, click on it.
  • After this, enter the number from which you want to create your WhatsApp, and click on the “Next” option written on the side.
  • Now a 6 digit OTP will come on your entered number, you have to proceed by entering that OTP.
  • After this you will have to enter your profile name and then your account will be created, now you can use this WhatsApp.

What are the advanced features in FM whatsapp?

FM whatsapp is popular for its advanced features, due to which users like to use this whatsapp very much, so let us know what are the advanced features in this whatsapp.

  • Anti delete status:- First of all, on this WhatsApp you get to see the feature of Anti Delete Status, in this feature like if any of your friend has entered a status and deleted it in a while, then you can also see his deleted status.
  • Anti delete message:- After this, you get to see the best feature on this WhatsApp Anti-delete message, in this, if a friend deletes that message by messaging you, then that message will not be deleted for you, you can read it.
  • Hide blue tick:- This feature of this WhatsApp is also very good, in this you can hide the blue tick of the chat i.e. with the help of this feature you can read the message of your friend and he will not even know that you have seen his message. have taken.
  • Hide last seen:- With the help of Hide Last Seen feature of this WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen i.e. no one will know when was the last time you opened your WhatsApp.
  • Media Sharing:- The best feature of FM WhatsApp is media sharing, with the help of this feature you can send more than 60 photos simultaneously and also upload 1 minute status.
  • Theme Change:- If you are bored of seeing the same theme of WhatsApp, then you can easily change the theme in this WhatsApp and you can also change the icon as well.
  • Hide Typing and recording:- FM WhatsApp also gives you the option of hide typing and hide recording, that is, whenever you type a message to any of your friends, he will not know that you are typing the message.
  • Exclusive:- With the help of this WhatsApp, you can create a broadcast of 500 people, and can also message without saving the number, apart from this you can pin 100 chats simultaneously.
  • Application Lock:- FM WhatsApp also gives you the feature to lock the application, if you want that no one can open your WhatsApp, then you can use this feature.

How to update FM whatsapp?

By the way, whenever the new version update of FM whatsapp comes, you start getting notifications, by clicking on which you can easily update it, but if for some reason you do not get the notification, then you can follow the steps given by us. You can download its latest updated version.

  • To update FM whatsapp, first you have to back up media files on FMWhatsApp application.
  • Now you have to uninstall your FM WhatsApp.
  • After that download Latest FM Whatsapp APK file in your mobile.
  • After this, the downloaded file has to be installed in the same way as you installed earlier.

Is it safe to use FM whatsapp or not?

Everyone has a different opinion on whether this WhatsApp is safe or not, this WhatsApp is not official, because of this, downloading this application can cause viruses and malware to come to your smartphone, apart from this there is also a risk of hacking data. Is. Therefore, the decision to use any third party app is yours, although still we would advise you to use the official WhatsApp only.


Is it right to use FM Whatsapp?

As we have told you that this is a third party app, so there is always a risk of virus or malware in it.

Can FM Whatsapp be downloaded from Play Store?

This is third party app so can’t download it from play store

What is the difference between FM Whatsapp and Official Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp has many advanced features which are not available in official Whatsapp.

Can we use FM Whatsapp with Official Whatsapp?

No, you cannot use FM Whatsapp with Official Whatsapp, so first you have to uninstall Official Whatsapp from your phone.

FM Whatsapp people love to do it and it is also more secure than GB Whatsapp.Through today’s article, we told you what is FM Whatsapp? How To Download FM Whatsapp?how to update or what are the advanced features in it e.t.c. We hope that you liked this article of ours. Do share this on your friends and social media also and you can ask us related questions in the comment box.

Hope you know what is FM Whatsapp? How To Download FM Whatsapp? Would have liked this post, and found it helpful.

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