What is MPIN? And how to get it? (2022)

Due to the cheap price of smart phones, smartphones have reached many people in India today, through which they have started doing all kinds of work online sitting at home. With the help of a smartphone, money can be easily transferred online sitting at home. For this, internet banking can be used or mobile banking application can be used. Friends, in today’s post, we will know what is MPIN? And how to get it? (2022)

What is MPIN?  And how to get it?  (2022)

People who use mobile banking applications often have to hear the name of MPIN, which is either a four-digit or a six-digit number.

Sometimes it can be more than that. What is this MPIN after all? And how to get it? (2022) and why it is needed. You will get to know about all these things in this post of ours.

What is MPIN?

Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number is a type of number and it is given to those who use Mobile Banking. Through this he proves his identity. If it is called a password, then there will be no big deal in it.

Those who use mobile banking know very well how important it is to use mobile banking. It is a total 4 digit number. Although there are some banks in India, whose MPIN is of 6 numbers or even more.

There is no dearth of people in India who can use it as an atm pin Let’s understand the same as K, but we want to tell them one thing that it is not like ATM PIN. This is required so that no other person can use your mobile banking service illegally.

As you know, in today’s time, crores of people in India do transactions worth lakhs of rupees online using smartphones. In such a situation, there is a lot of risk regarding security. That is why the system of mpin has been made keeping in view the security of the people.

That is, if only you know the mpin of your mobile banking service, then only you will be able to use it and no one will be able to use it. Note that this is not told to anyone.

Your mpin should be limited to only you. If you have the slightest doubt that some person has come to know about your mpin, then you should change your mpin so that that person can not harm you in any way related to money.

Whenever a customer wants to avail the mobile banking facility, he uses this mpin to open the mobile banking application and only then he can access the application’s interface i.e. home page.

What is the full form of MPIN?

The abbreviation of MPIN is Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number. The full name of MPIN in Hindi is Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number. In Hindi language it is pronounced as “Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number”.

And to explain it in simple words, it is a digit which is used in mobile banking to identify the user, which is either 4 digits or 6 digits. It can be more than that.

What does MPIN mean?

There is a need to use it only when we do any type of financial transaction through our smartphone. This is very sensitive code. Therefore, this information should be available only to the person who has created an MPIN to operate his account.

Never tell this to anyone else, else the person may face financial problems. If you have created an MPIN in a mobile banking application, then you will not be able to login to that application until you enter the correct MPIN.

Why is MPIN used?

In India Internet The number of people using it has reached into crores, as well as technology is progressing very fast regarding the work of banking. Apart from this, online fraud is also increasing very much.

People are transferring money from the phone sitting at home and that is why the number of people who hack the phone or do online fraud has also increased, which is called cyber crime and it has increased so much that in a few minutes hackers Your life hard earned money can also disappear from your bank account.

Therefore, all banks are very sensitive about security. Therefore, Reserve Bank of India has made Two-Way Authentication necessary to secure mobile banking.

Under this, in order to use mobile banking, the customer should also have a phone number registered with the bank as well as create an MPIN. To take advantage of the mobile related service, along with the registered phone number, mpin is required.

How to get MPIN?

By now you must have come to know very well how important it is considered for mobile banking, because it is very important for security.

If a customer wants to take advantage of the service of mobile banking, then he must make it, because without it he cannot do online transactions. There are total 3 ways to make it, which are as follows.

1: Online

Most of the banks in India give the option to create it online, with the help of which you can easily get it by visiting the official website of that bank and completing the necessary actions.

Every bank’s website is different. Therefore, to make it, you visit the official website of your bank. There you will find information related to making it.

2: ATM

You can make it online as well as you can also make it through ATM. For this, all you have to do is take your debit card and go to the ATM center and you have to enter your debit card inside the ATM machine.

And after that you have to select the option with Mobile Banking. After this you will get the option to create MPIN. By clicking on it, you can create your new MPIN or generate a new MPIN.

3: Bank Branch

Apart from online and ATM, you can get it done by visiting the official branch of your bank or by visiting any branch of your bank. It is very easy to make it by going to the bank branch. There, within 1 hour, you will be given an MPIN, after which you can use it online for banking facilities.

If ever you forget your MPIN by mistake, then you do not need to fear at all because you can change it online or change it through ATM or by visiting your bank branch. and get new MPIN.

We will also advise you that when you create MPIN online, then select such MPIN, which you will always remember. It can be the first letter of your phone number or it can also be the last letter. Apart from this, it can also be your year of birth or it can also be your car or bike number.

What are the advantages of Mpin?

The following benefits are available by using it.

  • Whichever customer uses it, he is saved from being online fraud.
  • This is only a 4 digit code and it can be generated by the person himself by going to the USSD code / UPI application or by going to the bank or online.
  • Online payment transaction is not done until MPIN is entered.
  • One can also get it through the bank.
  • It can be easily changed whenever you want.

For which transactions MPIN is used?

You can use it for the following transactions.

1: Mobile Banking
2: UPI App

3: IVR
4: SMS Banking
6: USSD Banking

How to keep mobile banking secure?

Mobile banking is very easy to use, but along with using it, maintaining its security is considered very important. It is so called because even if by mistake your password or your MPIN is known to any other person, then he can steal money from your bank account at any time.

So to keep mobile banking secure, you should always keep your MPIN to yourself. You shouldn’t tell this to anyone.

Apart from this, you should register your own phone number with mobile banking and not someone else’s phone number, also you should beware of fake messages and fake calls and you should be on any such link. Do not click on which you are not aware.

Is MPIN and UPI PIN same?

MPIN is different and UPI PIN is different. The MPIN code is entered to access the mobile banking service and the UPI PIN is used to complete the transaction.

What is 4 digit MPIN?

For those who use mobile banking and do money transactions, it acts like a password. If you do not have it then you will not be able to use the mobile application. When you register for mobile banking, you are given a 4 digit code from the bank. In some places it is also of 6 digits.

In this article you have learned that what is MPIN? And how to get it? (2022) Also you have given the meaning of “Mpin and “Full Form of Mpin” also go to this article. Apart from this, we also gave you information about the “Advantages of Mpin” in the article and why it is used.

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