What is PPT? PPT Full Form

You must have seen that often during a presentation, a project is shown on a screen like an LCD TV to explain it, so that the people present there know what is in the project.,what is or what is to happen under the project, It is called PPT. Power point is mostly used to prepare PPT. Friends, in today’s post, we will know what is PPT after all? PPT Full Form in Hindi!

What is PPT?  PPT Full Form

This means that if you want to explain a project in easy language then you can use PPT and the project which is prepared using PPT, It is called power point presentation.

In this article we “What is PPT?, And ,what does ppt mean, Will try to understand about this and about other information.

What is PPT?

It is a part of Microsoft Office which is a kind of Software is also. Use it to present any object or subject in a better way., You can use text or video.

The file that is created by this is called a power point presentation and is specially used to explain any type of project. When a project is brought in a big multinational company, only power point presentation is used to tell it to the company’s executives.

We get different types of very effective tools to prepare ppt file in power point and by using those tools we can create an attractive ppt. For your information, let us tell you that you can use power point to edit the ppt file. Apart from this, there are some other software that you can use to edit PPT files.

What is the full form of PPT?

PPT: “PowerPoint Presentation”

Power point presentation is pronounced under power point demonstration in Hindi language. If it is explained in general terms, then it can also be called to present or it can also be called to present. use it computer is done in. It is an extension file and this extension file is used to create slide shows in association with Microsoft PowerPoint.

What is the other full form of PPT?

Know below what are the other full forms of PPT.

  • PPT – Program Performance Test
  • PPT – People Process Technology
  • PPT – Parts Per Thousand
  • PPT – Post Production Test
  • PPT – Pre Placement Talk
  • PPT – Power Point Presentation
  • PPT – Pulsed Plasma Thruster
  • PPT – Project Progress Tracking
  • PPT – Planning And Placement Team
  • PPT – Processing Program Table
  • PPT – Probabilistic Polynomial Time
  • PPT – Production Prove-Out Test
  • PPT – Program Planning Team
  • PPT -Parts Per Trillion

What is file extension?

what is your file type, The extension does the job of giving information to your computer about this and the ppt file extension tells the computer how a file is.

Specify which names are saved, the last of them 3 or else 4 Characters are file extensions, and Windows usually adds a default program for each file extension. as an example

.doc, .xlsx, (.pptx) e.t.c.

What is PPT Design?

This is a blueprint of a group of slides that you and I save as a format. color in, Text, effect, background style, May include layouts and other content. You can even create and store your own custom templates, Also you can use it again and share it with other people.

What is the use of PPT?

It is a very powerful and easy-to-use presentation graphics software program. Through this, you can create professional looking electronic slideshows and present your presentation in a better way.

Who uses PPT?

PPT is an open source software and hence can be used by anyone at any time., as well as to use it 1 No need to give If seen, it is mainly used in the field of education and in the field of business and company, it is used on a large scale., At the same time, PPT is used more in the corporate sector as well.

In addition, in every such area Where the project needs to be explained, There ppt is used, In which there is a slide which keeps on coming one after the other at an automatic fixed timing. Therefore, the project can be displayed better through PPT.

What are the features of PPT?

Did you know above what is the full form of PPT?, Also what is PPT and who uses PPT. Let us give you information about the features of PPT below.

1: slide

It has a slide plane page. it’s exactly the same, Just like in our notebook. When we are done working on a single page in the notebook, So then we start working on the next page. Similarly, it also has a slide, In which after one slide is completed, the next slide comes.

2: Design Template

here you are different,Get a variety of great templates and designs, Using which you can make your presentation very attractive.

3: Pictures

You are preparing a presentation and if you want to put a photo in it, then with the help of this feature, you can put a photo in it and for this you can use the photo saved in your smartphone or your computer.

4: Shape

different here,You get different types of shapes like rectangles, triangle, circle etc.

5: Animation

You can use animations to make your slides attractive. Under this you can also add photos, You can also add text and use other effects.

6: Video

If you want to add a video to your project, then you can also add a video and make your project more attractive.

7: Transition

The effect that occurs while moving from one slide to another is called transition. so you use it differently,Can give different type of effect to different slide.

How to make PPT?

Creating a power point presentation is not a difficult task. Although those who hear about it for the first time or those who use it for the first time, They find it very difficult to make it. So below we have tried to explain in simple words as well as in easy steps how to make PPT online. Let us know what is the way to make PPT.

1: First of all, you have to open your personal computer and start the Powerpoint software in it, that is, you have to open it.

2: After the software is started, you have to click on the file button on the top side of your computer screen and you have to select the new file.

3: Now you have to go to the New Presentation dialog box and after going there, the option of From Design Template is visible., Click on it and after doing this you have to select your favorite design.

4: After selecting your favorite design, you have to select a template. For this, you have to click on Color Schemes in the New Presentation dialog box and select a favorite color for your template.

5: Now you will see a box of slide layout on the right side of your screen, From there you can select the design for the slide layout.

6: Now on your screen where you click to add title is written, Click on it and add whatever text you want to add.

7: If you want to include clip art or include a picture in the presentation, then you can add a picture by clicking on the option with clip art or picture. If you want, you can also select the save picture in your computer or you can also select the picture online. Apart from this, you can also change the size of the photo.

8: When you feel that your power point presentation is ready, then after that you go to the file and the option of save s is visible., Click on it. Doing so will save your power point presentation.

How to open PPT file?

If you have created your ppt file and you want to open it i.e. want to open or you want to open any ppt file, So for this, all you have to do is open that PPT file in your PC and then double click on it. If there is no error in the file then the ppt file will be opened.

In this way, you can easily open the power point presentation file by just double clicking it. However, let us tell you that at some places it does not open automatically., Because there is no software or application to support it.

In such a situation, you have to install the supporting software or application and then double click on it again. Doing so will open it.

How to convert PPT to PDF?

You can easily convert PPT file to PDF file and for this you have various options available. You can also convert PPT file to PDF online or you can convert it to PDF offline.

If you want to download ppt file online pdf If you want to convert to iLvPDFsmall pdf You can use a website like this and if you want to convert it offline then you can use Microsoft Office 2010,2013,2016 can convert it into .

In this article you have learned that ,What is the full form of PPT, as well as you ,what is ppt, Information about this was also found in the article. Other than this ,how to convert ppt to pdf, also you went to the article, With all ,how to open ppt file, You also got information about this in the article.

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