What is SAR Value and how to calculate it?

You must have heard in many places that radiation is very dangerous for humans. Along with this, it is also dangerous for animals and birds and this is true to a large extent. That’s why the government is approving such phones whose essence value is according to the rules of the government. Every person is using a smartphone in today’s time and those who do not use a smartphone are using feature phones. In today’s post, we will know what is SAR value and how to get it?

What is SAR Value and how to calculate it?

In this way, mobile radiation is present with almost every person and you can also take some measures to avoid it, but it is also very important to know about “what is mobile radiation” and “what is the essence value”.

That is why in this article we are giving you information about “What is SAR Value” or “What is SAR Value”, as well as you will also know in the article “How to Avoid Mobile Radiation”.

What is SAR Value?

This is called the absolute essence value and its full name is the “specific observation rate”, which is a kind of parameter and through this you can measure the things that are electronic devices.

When we use them, electromagnetic waves are radiated in that amount, which are absorbed by our body. Tell us how much power can be absorbed in the cell of our weight, it is also known by this.

The standard measurement of this is represented by (W/KG) and for your information, let us also tell that this radiation mainly affects two parts of our body, in which the first part is Our head and the other part is the part below our head which is called torso.

Our head gets the most effect through this because when we talk through the phone, the phone is present in the vicinity of our head. To protect against these dangerous radiations, the government has prepared some standard and it has been ordered that the mobile manufacturing company will not manufacture any type of mobile above that standard.

And if any company does so, it can be fined or it can be punished with other punishment. Please tell that the essence value is same in India and United States of America which is 1.6 WATT PER KILOGRAM.

Let us also tell you that some people have a lot of misconceptions about the fact that the smartphone or mobile which has lesser value, it is better for us but it is not so. For your information, let us tell you that whether the essence value is low or whether it is high, it is dangerous for us.

How to check SAR value?

Most of the people know this thing that all the phones have specific abstract value but here also the question arises that how can we know how much is the abstract value or what is the way to check the essence value Is.

To find out, all you have to do is dial a code on your phone. By doing this, the abstract value will appear on your screen immediately.

That code is *#07#. After dialing it, you neither have to press the call key nor do anything else. The summary value will appear on your screen immediately after dialing the code.

How is SAR testing done?

Well there are some people who know about how the abstract value is checked, and they also want to know how to do abstract testing, then tell that such a model has been prepared to do abstract testing. Which looks exactly like our body.

And in that model, some things are inserted like the cells of the body, so that it looks exactly like humans. After that radio frequency is put in it and the test is done, so that it can be found out that what is the observation rate of radio frequency in the human body.

In this test, our head is tested from both sides and through this information is obtained about how far more radiation is absorbed in our head.

After completing the test, a detailed report is prepared and in this report all the most abstract values ​​and all the frequency bands are told and then it is sent to the government for authorization and if it is accepted then That phone is supposed to be ready to hit the market.

How dangerous is radiation for us?

Mobile radiation is considered very dangerous for us, but its greatest effect is seen in people who are either pregnant or have children or are old because the body of such people is able to absorb radiation rapidly. works of. Therefore, such people should be given very little to use the phone.

If such people use the phone for a long time, then they should try not to keep the phone near them by touching their body for a long time.

According to our advice, if you have to use the phone, then you should use every phone. By doing this, the distance of your body from your phone will be a little more. Due to this, the effect of radiation will be less in your grip.

What are the side effects of RF radiation?

By now you must have understood that radiation is not good for our body and it can have many side effects to our body. Therefore, below we have given you information about some of the major side effects.

  • The cells of our body can break when the effect of radiation remains on the body for a long time and if the cells of the body break, it can also cause side effects to the DNA present inside our body.
  • Some doctors have also said that due to radiation, the chances of getting diseases like cancer and brain tumor also increase significantly.
  • Dizziness in the body due to radiation, depression, problem of insomnia, dryness in eyes, loss of concentration, loss of hearing, feeling of tiredness, headache, loss of memory, decrease in digestive system, joint pain also diseases like Might be possible.
  • If you remain under the influence of radiation for a long time, then due to this you can get multiple diseases, as well as it works to affect the reproductive capacity.

How to avoid radiation?

Information about how you can avoid radiation or how to avoid radiation is being given below.

  • Radiation is considered very dangerous for the body. So you should keep a distance from it.
  • Using a phone can make you more exposed to radiation. That’s why you should use the phone as little as possible.
  • When you talk on the phone, you should talk on speaker mode. Due to this, the distance between the phone and your body will be slightly more.
  • If you do not want to use the phone, then you should switch it off for some time.
  • You should not use the phone in low signal, as it produces a high amount of radiation.
  • Instead of calling, you should use text message or SMS if possible.
  • In the car, in the lift or in the train or in the plane, you should use the mobile phone at least, because the possibility of radiation is very high here.

If you follow the things given above, then you can protect yourself from radiation, as well as tell other people to avoid radiation. Let us tell you that as the age is becoming modern, so is the convenience of the people.

In such a situation, people are always using smartphones. Thus the phone is always around them. That is why they are very much exposed to radiation. Therefore, if possible, you should keep a distance from the phone.

In this article, you learned that “What is Essence” and “What is SAR Value”, as well as you also got information about “How to do Abstract Value Check” and “How to Test Abstract Value” in addition to “Radiation You also went to the article. If you have any question related to the article, then you can ask your question through the comment box. We will try to answer your questions soon.

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