What is SD Card? What is Memory Card in Hindi

In today’s time, smartphone has become available with most of the people because smartphone has now become a necessity of the people. After buying a smartphone, people often buy memory cards to increase the storage capacity in the smart phone. By doing this, they increase the storage capacity of the smart phone. Friends, in today’s post, we will know what is SD card? What is Memory Card in Hindi?

What is SD Card?  What is Memory Card in Hindi

Through the memory card, the storage capacity of the smart phone increases, as well as we can easily transfer the audio, video, photo or any document present in our memory card to the laptop or laptop. computer You can also transfer in

You must be aware that there are different brands of memory cards ie SD cards available in the market, due to which we find it very difficult to select SD cards for our smartphones, but still we are able to use our smartphones in some way or the other. Let’s just select the best memory card for it.

Using a memory card has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. That’s why most of the people should get information about “What is Memory Card”. That’s why in front of you we have asked “What is SD Card?” And “How Memory Card Works” as well as what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What is SD Card?

SD card The abbreviation for SECURE DIGITAL CARD is . This card is generally known by the name of memory card by most of the people in which we store our data. SD card is a type of electronic storage device and its size is very small.

Although small in size, it still contains a large amount of Data can be stored and kept. For your information, let us tell you that SD card ie memory card is mainly used in portable devices and it has been specially designed for portable devices only.

It is a non volatile memory card. Inside the SD card, we can store audio, video, photos, files and documents and whenever we want, we can remove the SD card from our smartphone and put it in any other smartphone or feature phone which is a feature phone. Supports SD card and can access all the data available in the memory card.

You can also transfer the data on your memory card from one smartphone to another via a data sharing application or via Bluetooth. Sometimes SD card error occurs, which you can fix from the computer sitting at home and if the error in your memory card is not corrected, then you can go to the mobile repairing shop to get this error fixed.

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When was the memory card invented?

Memory cards were first made in 1990. This year, different sizes of SD cards came in the memory card market, including Contact Flash, Smart Media and MINI-CARD, and between the years 1990 to 2000, different types of new memory cards also came into existence. In which cards like Memory Stick, XD PICTURE were the main ones.

In today’s time, if we talk about computer and laptop or smartphone, then a slot has been made to insert the memory card in it, in which you can access it by inserting the memory card. There are also some devices in which there are slots for inserting not one but two memory cards. Especially 2 slots come more in China smartphones or feature phones of China.

Let us tell you that if your computer is equipped with a memory card, then you can insert the memory card into the computer and then transfer the data, but if your computer does not have the slot to insert the memory card, then you will need a USB reader or USB reader to transfer the data. Then you have to use the adapter of the computer. Hope now you know what is SD card after all? Let us now see how the SD Card or Memory Card works after all?

How does a memory card work?

As we informed you above that the data contained inside the SD card is stored in the form of a digital format and the SOLID-STATE chip inside the SD card contains various types of small electrical circuits. Huh.

When we do not use the SD card, the circuit maintains its charge without any extra power and when we plug the memory card into an active device such as a camera/smartphone, a small electronic current flashes through the device. Near the electron in the memory. This is how our memory card works.

What is the type of memory card?

Let us tell you that memory cards are divided into different parts on the basis of their physical size, storage capacity and speed. We are providing this information to you below.

physical size

Under the physical size, there are 3 types of memory cards which are as mentioned below.


In terms of physical size, standard memory cards are large but they are slightly smaller than other memory cards. They measure 32×24×2.1 mm and their total weight is around 2 grams, and most such memory cards are used in digital cameras. Talking about their storage capacity, their storage capacity ranges from 128MB to 4GB.


Smaller than the standard memory card, the Mini SD card was launched in 2003, measuring 21.5×20×1.4 mm and weighing 0.8 grams. Mini memory cards are used to store videos, music, different types of files and software.


Where does the Micro SD card, launched in the year 2005, go to the smallest memory card, which measures 11×15×1 mm and its total weight is around half a gram. The size of a human fingernail is the same size as a microSD card, which is used to store data and is specially designed for smartphones.

storage capacity

Let us tell you that there are many types depending on the storage capacity of the memory card, whose details are mentioned below.

1: SDSC memory card

Its full name is Secure Digital Standard Capacity which is the basic format of SD card and it measures 32×24×2.1mm and its total weight is around 2 grams and its storage capacity ranges from 128MB to 4GB .

2: SDHC memory card

The full form of this is Secure Digital High Capacity, whose storage capacity ranges from 4GB to 32GB and this type of memory card has more storage capacity than the memory card that the memory card counts in the normal memory card. it occurs.


Its storage capacity starts from 64GB and the maximum storage capacity goes up to two TVs. Its full name is Secure Digital Extended Capacity, whose storage capacity is more than the two memory cards mentioned above.

4: SDUC memory card

Its storage capacity starts from 2 TB and goes up to 128 TB maximum. Its full name is Secure Digital Ultra Capacity which is a new type of memory card which was launched in the year 2018.

What are the benefits of memory card?

We get many advantages of memory card i.e. SD card, about which it is very important for every person to know. Therefore, below we have provided information about the advantages of using a memory card or the advantage of SD card in front of you.

1: Increase in Storage

When we buy a new or old smartphone, then we get only a limited storage capacity in it, due to which when we store the data in it and when the storage capacity of the smart phone becomes full, then we are forced to store other data. The already existing data has to be erased in order to store it.

Or because the data storage is full, we are not able to store other data in the smart phone. Therefore, by inserting a memory card, we can save extra data in the smartphone and through this we can increase the storage capacity of our smartphone and can access the memory card file in our smartphone whenever we want.

2: low price

People who buy smartphones with less storage often need to increase their storage. In such a situation, if he wants, he can buy any memory card. You can also put a 2 GB memory card in a smartphone with less storage, which is currently priced from ₹ 150 to ₹ 180 in the market, which is very less.

3: Reduce phone memory consumption

After inserting the memory card in your smartphone, you can transfer the documents which are in the internal storage of the phone such as audio, movie, music, photos etc. from the internal memory to the SD card. Apart from this, there are some phones that also provide the service of transferring applications to the memory card. In this way you can reduce the consumption of internal memory of your smartphone by doing all these things.

4: Portable

Above we told you that the size of the memory card is small. So it is a portable thing that you can take with you wherever you go. It can also come in your pocket or you can also put it behind the back cover of the smart phone.

5: Low Electricity Consumption

For your information, let us also tell you that SD card requires very little electricity. That is why if you use it then your smartphone will not waste much power.

6: Also works in personal computer.

It is very easy to run the memory card in a personal computer as well. For this, you have to first buy a card reader and after inserting the memory card in it, you have to plug the card reader into the USB port of your personal computer. There are also some computers or laptops, in which SLOT is given to put the SD card. In such a situation, you can directly insert a memory card without a card reader.

What are the disadvantages of memory card?

If there are some advantages of using a memory card, then some of its side effects ie disadvantage are also seen, the information of which is presented below.

The size of the memory card is very thin. Hence it breaks easily.

There are different brands of memory cards around the world. So if you use cheap memory card by buying then there may be some problem with your smartphone or your memory card may get error.

You have to take special care of the memory card slot while inserting the memory card. If one of its mounds is broken, the memory card slot will be damaged.

Through this article “What is Memory Card” and “How Memory Card Works”, you have also read in this article “What are the Advantages of Memory Card” and “Disadvantages of Memory Card”. what is”. If you have any question related to the article, then you can ask your question through the comment box. We will try to reply you as soon as possible.

Hope now you know what is SD card? What is Memory Card in Hindi? and its types? Use, Advantages? What is a memory card called?

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