What is the full form of CO

do you know that What is the full form of CO, If not then read today’s article completely. Today’s era is the age of competition. Every person wants to get the best job so that his life can be secure and best. We all hope for a job in which we get respect and power along with good salary. But such jobs are very few. One of these few jobs is also that of the police.

Regardless of your position in a police job, but in comparison to a normal private job, your salary remains good and you also get power and respect along with a good salary. The work of the police is to maintain the balance of the country so that the fundamental rights of any other person are not violated due to the greed of one person. In simple language, the job of the police is to save people from crime.

Police are not only in India but in all countries. If there is some difference between them at the most, then it can be of name. The population of our country is very high, because of this, crime can also be very high here. In such a situation, a long and wide police administration is needed to handle this large population country.

This is the reason that there are many different types of posts in the police department, one of which is COYou must have heard the name of CO many times before. Today in this post we will talk about the meaning of CO and know CO Full Form in Hindi. So let’s proceed without delay.

What is the full form of CO?

CO Ka Full Form Kya Hai Hindi

CO full form of Circle Officer, The circle officer’s job is to keep the independent police sub-division under control or, otherwise, to control. The independent police sub-division obeys the CO ie Circle Officer and follows the instructions given by him. These posts have been set in some states of India like Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh etc.

CO :- Circle Officer

The CO is in a way an officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). In other states we know it as DSP and in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi etc. as Police Commissioner.

This post is achieved either directly or through promotion, that is, the recruitment of this post depends on the skill of other posts in your department. Apart from this, this post can also be obtained by coming first in the Recruitment Exams.

CO Full Form in Hindi – Full form of CO in Hindi

Now we have come to know about many full forms of CO in English but the most accurate and more popular full form of CO is Circle Officer. Its Hindi full form is as follows:

CO Full Forum in Hindi :- Sub-Divisional Officer

i.e. Hindi full form of CO.Circle Officer‘ Huh.

Other full forms of CO

By the way ‘Short Name’CO‘ is mostly used Circle Officer But it does not mean that it does not have other full forms. There are many flower forms of CO, let’s take a look at them too.

Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer is the one who commands or otherwise gives instructions and controls. The officer mainly commanding a military unit is called a commanding officer.

One Commanding Officer Has some authorities, due to which he has the right over the unit. To keep the unit in Military Laws, it is necessary to have a Commanding Officer. The commanding officer is also called CO in short.

Correction Officer

The work of the Correction Officer is to look after the prison or any place like the prison where the prisoners are kept. Correction Officer He takes care of the prisoners present in the jail. The job of the correctional officer is to protect the prisoners present in the jail or those awaiting trial who are in jail.

He takes care of these people and keeps them in custody. Most of the Correction Officers are selected by the government but in some places Correction Officers are employed by private companies for some special work.

Cardiac Output

Our heart pumps as much blood through the circulatory system in a minute. The amount of blood put out in a contraction by the Left Ventricle of our heart is called Stroke Volume. Stroke Volume and Heart Rate together Cardiac Output determines.

This topic related to health is called CO in short. This word is not very popular among common people, but biology students are not unaware of this word.

Central Office

central office ie Central Office We can also call it Headquarters in general. To understand this, we can say that a company starts from Delhi and it gradually spreads all over India.

Now his offices are in full swing but all those offices are controlled from Delhi and office itself. The Delhi office will be called the Headquarter of that company. This is what we will call the Central Office. Central Office can be both government and private.

Above we have mentioned some other full forms apart from CO’s Circle Officer which are more popular. But apart from this, CO is also a short form of many other words, which are as follows:

  • Company
  • commercial
  • Contracting Officer
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Cargo Operations
  • Check Out
  • Certified Orthodontist
  • Community Organizer
  • City Ordinance
  • Customization Operator

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