What is Upstox? – What is Upstox in Hindi

In today’s time people are trying hard to earn money. Some people are not satisfied with the money they earn and they think of making extra income. In such a situation, many people think of investing money in the share market as well, but where earlier it was very difficult to invest money in the stock market, now it has become easy to invest money in the stock market and that is why people have started using some applications. In today’s post, we will know what is Upstox? – What is Upstox in Hindi?

What is Upstox?  - What is Upstox in Hindi

UpStocks is also an application that gives you the opportunity to invest money in the share market sitting at home and also gives you a chance to earn money by investing in the stock market.

That’s why some people search what is Upstox? – What is Upstox in Hindi? And “How to create account on Up Stocks Application” Let us know about Up Stocks Application.

What is Upstox?

Upstox is an Indian Online Trading Mobile Application and its ownership is available with RKSV Security Pvt Ltd whose head quarter is located in Mumbai city of Maharashtra State, India, India. In the year 2009, Ravi Kumar and Raghu Kumar had formed this company together and both the same person is also the co-founder of this company. With the help of this application, you can do trading from home in today’s time.

Many people are creating their online demat account or trading account on this application and through it they are investing in share market i.e. investing money. At present, the number of people using this application is very high in our India country and this application is counted among the second largest discount stock broker company in India.

This company has also been in operation for almost 10 years and in this way it has also won the trust of crores of customers. How good this application is for people investing in the stock market, you can guess from the fact that this application has received very good ratings on the Google Play Store and positive feedback has also been received.

Important information about Upstox

• It is the second largest discount stock broker company in India.
• The number of its customers is more than 100000.
• This company is working in the field of share market for the last 12 years.
• This company is registered with SEBI as well as CDSL and Bombay Stock Exchange as well as National Stock Exchange.
• In this, clients can trade for free and you can activate your account within 1 hour without documents.

What can I work on Upstox?

You can do the things mentioned below.

• If you want to buy or sell shares in a company like Mumbai Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange, then you can do it in UpStocks.
• Let us know that you can also trade gold and silver in MCX with the help of UpStock application.
• Through this one can invest in SIP and mutual funds.
• You also get Refer and Earn program in this and you can earn ₹ 300 for every referral.

How to Download Upstox App?

Let us tell you that this application has been launched by the company for Android users and iOS users. That’s why people who use Android smartphone can directly download this application from google play store and those who use iOS smartphone,

He can download it from Apple Application Store. You will also find upstox apk file on the net, from there you can also install or download it.

What are the documents required to open an account in Upstox?

Before you create your account with Upstox, you should know about the documents required to create an account and only then you should take further action. Below we have presented you in the Upstox application. demat account And trading account Information about what documents are required to open has been presented. So collect these documents in advance.

• Aadhar card linked with phone number
• pan card
• Address proof
• Working Gmail ID
• phone number
• signature
• Selfie Photo
• Bank details
• Income proof

How to Open Demat Account Online in Upstox?

If a person wants to trade through UpStocks application, then he/she will have to create his/her demat account in it. So below you are being told how to create a demat account in Up Stocks.

1: First of all, you have to install this application on your smartphone from Google Play Store. If by any means you are facing problem in downloading the application from Google Play Store, then you can install its apk file from the net.

2: After installing the application, you see an option of create an account after opening the application, you have to click on it.

3: Now you have to enter the mobile number and email id and verify it through OTP.

4: Now you have to enter your PAN number and date of birth in the given space and press the next button.

5: Now you have to tell some general information. Such as your gender, your marital status, your annual income and trading experience, father’s name or business name, after that you have to press the Next button. After that you have to click on yes or no from where you are told whether you are NRI or not.

6: Now you have to select your account type.

7: Now you have to select the brokerage plan and press the next button.

8: After entering this much information, you have to accept the term and condition and press the Continue button. By doing this, a message of concentration will appear on your screen.

9: Now you have to enter your address in the given space and after that upload the photo copy of Aadhar card and then press the next button.

10: Now you have to upload your digital signature and press the next button and also upload the selfie and accept it and press the next button.

11: Now you have to enter your bank information and press the next button.

12: Now you will have to pay ₹ 249 to activate your account. For this you can use UPI ID, Credit Card, Debit Card, Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking. After the payment is done, your account on Upstox is created and ready.

How to trade in Upstox?

Its interface has been made quite simple. So anyone can trade in it easily. Below is a guide on how to trade in Up Stocks.

1: You have to first login to the application, then go to the dashboard and look above, there you will get the option of a watchlist, you have to click on it and then click on create new watch list.
2: Now you have to enter the watch list in the specified place and press the Save button.
3: Now you have to select your preferred company and after that press the + icon to put the company in the watch list.
4: Now you have to search and add whatever company you want to include in the watch list.

How to buy shares in Upstox?

Follow the steps given below to buy shares through Upstock application.

1: Open the application and then go to the Portfolio option.
2: Below there you will see the option of buy, press it.
3: Now add money to buy shares.
4: Now enter the amount of money you want to buy in the specified space and then pay the share.

How to place stock order in Upstox?

For this you have to follow the method given below.

1: After opening the application, select the stock you want to order.
2: Now select the quantity in which you want to buy the stock.
3: Now select in intraday or delivery product.
4: Now click on Review and check the order once. Now click on buy and make payment.

How to sell share in Upstox?

To sell shares in Upstock, follow the method given below.

1: Open the application and then go to Portfolio.
2: Below you will see the option of square off, go to it.
3: Now you will see the Sell button, click on it and sell the stock.

How to withdraw funds from Upstox?

Follow the below mentioned method to withdraw money from Upstock.

1: To withdraw money from Upstock, open the application and then click on the fund withdrawal option.
2: Now enter the amount you want to withdraw in the specified space and submit.

By doing this, money will come in your bank account within 2 to 3 days.

In this article you learned what is Upstox? – What is Upstox in Hindi? and “What can work on Upstox”. Along with this, you have also got information in the article “How to trade on Upstock”, “How to create account on Upstock” and “How to withdraw money from Upstock”.

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