What is Zerodha? – What is Zerodha in Hindi

Zerodha is an Indian broking company and it has been doing stock broking work in our India country for the last many years and this company has also received the award of best broker many times in return for its better work and viewed from the customer’s point of view. If you go, most of the customers in India use the Zerodha application to do online trading. In today’s post, we will know what is Zerodha after all? – What is Zerodha in Hindi?

What is Zerodha?  - What is Zerodha in Hindi

Zerodha complies with all the rules made by SEBI and currently has more than 5 million active users, as well as more than 10 million people who have downloaded the application from Google Playstore.

What is Zerodha today in this article? And will try to get “complete information about Zerodha”.

What is Zerodha?

This is a very famous broking limited company working in the stock market in India, which has its own official website as well. Internet But its application also exists, which zerodha It’s called Application.

Talking about the area of ​​​​working of this company, it deals in Commodity, Currency, Brokerage, Trading, Mutual Funds and Bonds. This company was established in the year 2010 by a person named Nikhil Kamat and Nitin Kamat in the city of Bangalore, India and its head quarter is also present in the city of Bangalore.

At present, this company is working in many big cities of India. According to the report of the year 2019, it is included in the list of the largest brokerage company in India in terms of customers. Zerodha company contributes more than 2% daily to the stock exchange and today the number of people using the Zerodha application has reached more than 5 million.

What does Zerodha mean?

The word Zerodha is made up of a total of 2 words, in which the English word zero and the Sanskrit word rodha have been taken. In this way, the combination of these two forms zerodha, which means unhindered and it also tells the purpose of the company or the purpose of the company. The company says that it provides the service of trading to its customers without any problems.

Key Features of Zerodha

Know below what are the main features of Zerodha.

• There is no fee on trade delivery.
• Its application can be easily downloaded from the Internet or from the Play Store and start trading.
• The brokerage charge here is 0.01% and it is less than ₹ 20 per trade.
• Those who want to invest money in SIP, IPO, Mutual Fund can do so with this application.
• If a person invests money in mutual funds through this application, then he does not have to pay any fee.
• Through this you can use Zerodha Varsity and Zerodha Coin absolutely free.
• It gives you the service of trading on Android as well as trading on the web.
• In Zerodha Kite Application, you get security features like Fingerprint and Face ID for security.
• In this you can create your favorite stock watch list.
• There is zero brokerage charge for investing in this and a flat ₹20 charge for f&o trading.

What are the documents required to open Zerodha Demat Account?

For this you will need the documents mentioned below. You will also need all these documents to get KYC done.

• pan card
• Aadhar Card / Voter ID / Passport
• Cancel Check
• Passport size photo
• Signature
• Bank statement
• Electricity Bill
• mobile number
• E mail ID

How to Download Zerodha Kite App?

You can easily download the apk file of Zerodha Kite Application online. Apart from this, it is also available on the Google Play Store, which is described below how to download it.

1: Open Google Play Store.
2: Click on the search box at the top.
3: Type zerodha kite and search.
4: After searching, click on the install button.
5: The app will be downloaded in a while.

How to Open Demat Account in Zerodha Kite App?

To trade in the share market, you must also have a demat account and apart from this you must also have a trading account and you can create both these types of accounts in the Zerodha application. If you want to create offline demat account,

So for this, you have to go to the Zerodha office located near your house and get your account by taking necessary action from there. Follow the procedure given below to create an online trading or demat account.

1: To create an online account, open the Zerodha application and then click on Sign In.

2: After this, after entering your phone number in the specified space, press the continue button and after entering the OTP which you have received in the specified place, click on the confirm button.

3: Now also enter your email id in the specified field and after entering the code received on the email id in the specified space, press the confirm button again.

4: Now you have to enter PAN number and date of birth in the given space and after that click on continue button.

5: Now you have to pay the account with the help of net banking or other payment method.

6: Now you have to get your Aadhaar Verification done. For this, you have to sign in to Digilocker account and then press the button with Allow to Access Aadhaar. On doing so, you will be asked to enter bank details and basic information in the space provided. You have to fill both these information and then by clicking on the checkbox given below, you have to press the continue button.

7: Now you have to complete Online In Person Verification.

8: You have to upload all your documents for KYC verification.

9: Now you have to click on the option with Insign Aadhaar and after entering the security code in several places, get the email ID verified.

10: Now you have to check the form and press the sign in now button.

11: Now you have to verify the Aadhaar number by entering the OTP and then click on the finish button.

12: After the completion of this process, your zerodha demat account will be verified in a while. After that you can trade.

How to buy shares from Zerodha App?

If you have created your account on Zerodha Application and you want to buy any share from Zerodha Application then below we have presented to you how to buy shares through Zerodha Application.

1: To buy shares, you have to use your user ID and password and with the help of this you have to login to the Zerodha application.

2: After login to the zerodha application, the first thing you have to do is to add the amount of money you want to invest in your zerodha wallet. For this you have to use net banking or UPI ID.

3: After the money is received in the wallet, you have to select your favorite stock and add it to the watch list.

4: Now you have to click on the name of the added share in the watch list. By doing this a page will open on your screen in which you will get two types of buy and sell options. From this you have to click on the buy option.

5: Now a page will appear on your screen. In this, you have to enter the quantity of the share and the price of the share in the specified place and after doing some process you have to click on the swipe to buy option at the last. By doing this your order will be placed and after a short wait the stock will be bought.

How to sell shares in Zerodha?

If you want to sell the shares purchased through the Zerodha application, then for this you have to follow the procedure given below.

1: After opening the application, you have to open the portfolio and then you have to click on any stock you want to sell.

2: Now you have to press the exit button.

3: Now you have to enter the quantity and price of the shares you want to sell and press the set button.

4: Now you have to press the Swipe to Sell button. By doing this your share will be sold after a short while.

What is the Zerodha brokerage fee?

If you want to open your account in Zerodha and want to trade, then for this you should get information about all types of fees charged in it. Below we are telling you about Zerodha brokerage fees.

• Demat account opening charge; ₹300 for one time only
• Demat Account Maintenance Charges: ₹ 300 per year • Trading Account Opening Charges: Nil
• Trading Account Maintenance Charges; nothing
• Equity trade charge: ₹20 for every trade

In this article you learned what is Zerodha? And “What is the meaning of Zerodha” as well as “What are the features of Zerodha”, besides “How much is Zerodha brokerage fee”, “How to trade on Zerodha”, also got your information about it, as well as you have in the post. Also know about “How to Buy Shares on Zerodha” and “How to Sell Shares”.

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