Who invented the sewing machine and when?

We use clothes to be neatly prepared and sewing machines are used to sew those clothes. There was a time when sewing machines did not exist, so think about how clothes would have been stitched. Many times looking at the sewing machine, you must have thought that who invented the sewing machine?

Who invented the sewing machine and when?

At the time when sewing machines did not exist, clothes were stitched by hand and for that needles made from animal bones or horns were used. After this gradually the wooden needle was made and then after some time the sewing machine was manufactured.

At present, you must have seen many types of sewing machines. Sewing machines have also changed with the passage of time. Today, through this article, who invented the sewing machine? History of sewing machine and all other information will also be provided.

What is a Sewing Machine?

sewing machine It is a mechanical device which is used to sew a cloth or any other garment with the help of thread. Due to the sewing machine, you are able to wear different types of beautiful clothes in the present time. Along with this, beautiful embroidery is done on the clothes by machine to make them attractive.

Now sewing machines are available for sewing leather with cloth, stitching buttons, making hinges, sewing thin or thick quilts, etc., which work very fast with the help of electricity.

Who invented the sewing machine?

The entire credit for inventing the sewing machine cannot be taken to a single scientist. For this five individuals Walter Hunt, Elias Howe, Joseph Madaspagar, By Barthlemy Thimonier and Alan B. Wilson.

Joseph Madaspagar :- Sewing machine was invented by Joseph in the year 1814. He had made the weaving machine, which made it possible to weave with the machine for the first time. He was also honored for this wonderful invention.

Barthlemy Thimonier :- In the year 1829, Barthélemy invented the sewing machine and the following year in 1830, presented a proposal to the French government to issue a patent in his name. After manufacturing the sewing machine, he opened a clothing company and gave employment to many laborers.

Walter Hunt :- Mechanical Walter Hunt, in addition to manufacturing sewing machines, had also manufactured many small and big tools, which make our daily routine easier like knives, sharpeners, sweeping machines etc. He made the Folkstitch sewing machine.

Elias Howe :- Elias Howe was born on July 9, 1819, in the city of Massachusetts. He was fond of repairing machines and making new inventions since childhood. Due to this hobby, he started research on the machine and in the year 1845, proposed to the government to get the patent of his first invention machine in his name. Many scientists were engaged in the construction of these machines, but only Elias got success.

The specialty of the machine made through them was that it had holes in the needle, shuttles were made under the cloth for lock chain stitching and this machine was first sold by the brother of Britain’s resident Allies for about 250 pounds. They were United States Patent. Awarded in the year 1846.

Alan B Wilson:- Alan B. Wilson designed the rotary sewing machine in the year 1851.

history of sewing machine

In ancient times, sewing was done by hand, for which needles were made from animal bones or horns, but gradually we moved towards modernity and the techniques of sewing started improving. In the 18th century, the practice of reducing hand sewing began.

At that time Charles Weisenthal 1755 The first sewing machine was invented in The sewing machine he built had two pointed Needles were used whose purpose was to complete the embroidery work. He also issued a British patent for this machine but it was not used. From this time the sewing machine came into existence.

After this, in the year 1790, the Englishman Thomas made another sewing machine which was based on hand crack system. No one knows whether it was made or not, but in the year 1874, William Newton understood Thomas’s machine and made his patent drawing.

How many types of sewing machines are there?

From ancient times to the present, many types of sewing machines have been invented, all of which are divided into different categories., There are three main types of sewing machines, about which we will provide you information here.

mechanical sewing machine

You must have often seen hand operated sewing machine or pedal operated sewing machine in your homes, both of these types are of mechanical sewing machine. It is quite suitable to use in homes. In this, the handle of the machine is attached to a wheel and when you rotate the machine with your hands, it does the work of sewing.

Same Whenever you go to a tailor to get clothes sewn, you must have seen that he does sewing work with a sewing machine with a pedal.In this, the handle of the machine is attached to the belt of pellets and there is no need to use hands. You just have to move the pedal at the bottom with your feet, after which the machine starts running.

electronic sewing machine

The electronic machine became popular in the year 1970 because this machine was controlled through the motor.In this you did not even have to use feet and it used to run on electricity. The specialty of this machine was that it was complete with modern facilities, which made sewing easier. Due to the use of this machine, many types of clothes were stitched.

computerized sewing machine

It would have been known from the name of this machine that it would work on the basis of computer software.,Many types of designs are stored in computerized machine by software and later with the help of this machine any type of embroidery fabric, jacquard fabric is made.,

How many parts does a sewing machine have?

We have provided you information about all types of sewing machines above., Now we will give you information about the number of parts of the sewing machine:-

  • Hand wheel :- A hand sewing machine has a hand wheel that works to increase or decrease the speed of the machine.
  • Reverse Lever:– It is on the front side of the sewing machine
  • Spool Pin & Holder:– To control the thread used for sewing Spool pin and holder is used for
  • Foot pedal:-The machine which is operated using the foot has a pedal which gives motion to the machine to sew
  • Pattern Selector:-The option of choosing the pattern is given in the electronic machine, using which you can sew any type of design.
  • Take-up Lever:- Modern machine has the facility of take-up lever to use extra thread

When did the sewing machine come to India?

By the end of the 19th century, the sewing machine came to India and in the year 1935, the trend of sewing machine started in India. And the first sewing machine company named Usha was established in Kolkata. All the parts of this machine were made in India.

Many of you must have heard the name of Usha sewing machine. From that time till today, Usha brand has remained at number one in the manufacture of sewing machines, but with this, now many sewing machine companies have come in the market. Sewing machines are now supplied from India to foreign countries as well.

Sewing machine is a very useful item because we need it sometimes., If ever you have to sew by hand then it takes a lot of time and the same work is done through sewing machine in few minutes., Hope you now know who invented the sewing machine and when? Full information related to it would have been received.


When and who invented the sewing machine?

Barthlemy Thimonier, 1830

When was the sewing machine invented in India?

year 1935

What is sewing machine called in English?

Sewing machine is known in English as Sewing Machine.

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