Who is the owner of Amazon and from which country is it a company?

Online shopping is booming in today’s era. It is difficult for everyone to go to the market at the same time and sometimes one is not able to go out, then online service comes in handy, through which shopping can be done by selecting the items given on the shopping site with the help of internet. Through this service, the item arrives at the doorstep at the stipulated time and various modes of payment can be availed thereby providing convenience. Friends, in today’s post, we will learn about Amazon, who is the owner of Amazon and which country’s company is it?

Who is the owner of Amazon and from which country is it a company?

Amazon is very popular in online shopping, its number of customers is also high. Today let’s talk about the famous site of online shopping Amazon and the owner of Amazon, the founder of Amazon, due to which everyone is able to get the benefit of this company’s service.

Let’s know that there is a curiosity about the famous Amazon around the world, what is Amazon really? Who will own it? How Amazon might have started etc. So let’s see who is the owner of Amazon and which country’s company is it?

Who owns Amazon?

Amazon is an online shopping site which is a product of e-commerce. Amazon’s old name was Cadabra, which was later changed to Amazon, as people had difficulty in taking the name, which was affecting the value of the company, later the name Amazon became famous. Amazon is an American multinational technology company that provides different services such as digital streaming, e-commerce, cloud computing etc.

Amazon is considered the world’s largest e-commerce company, which is known as a useful brand worldwide, which is counted along with five famous information technology companies, the main ones being Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft.

When did Amazon start?

Amazon started by selling books, then gradually progressing to sell many products such as video games, clothes, furniture, electronic items, children’s toys, jewelery etc. In today’s era, Amazon is known as the highest earning company and also proves its specialty in the field of employment.

The main head office of Amazon is in Seattle Washington, US. Its service is available all over the world. About 1, 468,00 people work under this company. The online site www.amazon.com is the official site of Amazon from where the services are exchanged.

What is the name of the owner of Amazon?

According to the survey, the owners of Amazon are counted among the richest people in the world. Amazon’s owner, who runs the company, brings the company to the world, is the owner of Amazon, who has made his own identity, “Jeff Bezos” who made a special identity in the world on the basis of his ability, hard work, efforts .

amazon owner biography

Jeff Bezos childhood

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, his date of birth is considered to be 12 January 1994. Since childhood, he had a tendency of curiosity, due to which his interest was curious to know about new technology. Since childhood, Jeff Bezos was intelligent and kept on searching for something, trying to make something new.

As part of these efforts, Jeff made an electronic alarm for his room in his mother’s house under the supervision of his maternal grandfather.

Jeff Bezos’s Family References

Jeff Bezos was separated from his father’s love and support in his childhood as Jeff’s father-in-law Jorgens died during his childhood. When his father died 18 days after he was born, at that time his mother Jacqueline studied in the school.

After this, Jeff’s mother married Minguel Bezos for the second time, and after the marriage, everyone moved to Houston. Since childhood, Jeff Bezos loved to know about technology. When he used to get a toy, he used to open it completely and see how the toy was made, how it was connected, then used to fix it in the same way.

Jeff spent his entire childhood with his stepfather and used to take information about technology from his maternal grandfather in his mother’s house.

Jeff Bezos’s Education

Jeff did his education initially at River Oaks Elementary School, later attended Miame Palmelto High School, then received the Silver Knight Award in 1982 during a training program at the University of Florida.

Jeff completed his graduation in engineering from Princeton University. After education, he started his career by working in different positions in many companies in America.

Jeff Bezos’s Career Begins

While working in the company, Jeff Bezos thought of starting his own bookstore online, for which he quit his job and amazon.com established online. Gradually, Jeff Bezos took time to expand his work area and sold a variety of different products so that his work would expand.

Jeff Bezos was successful in his work and made Amazon popular, which in today’s time is considered a well-known important brand in the field of e-commerce. Jeff Bezos is a hardworking, intelligent man who became a world celebrity on his own. By discovering Amazon, he introduced the world as an accessible means of online shopping in the world.

Jeff Bezos also had a government job but he gave importance to his online search and left the job and devoted himself completely to his online work, as a result of which he discovered amazon.com and became the owner of billions over time . At present, Amazon is world famous as a popular retailer company all over the world.

Jeff Bezos personal life

Two women came as wife in Jeff Bezos’s personal life. The name of the first wife was Mackenzie Scott who got divorced in the year 2019. After the divorce, Jeff Bezos made Lauren Sanchez his life partner.

Jeff’s life journey as an Amazon owner

Jeff Bezos’ journey till becoming the owner of “Amazon” has been quite a struggle. There were many ups and downs in his company but Jeff Bezos did not stop, did not panic but took his company to the highest peak. Jeff becomes aware of many aspects of Bezos and his company.

When was Amazon founded?

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Whose foundation he had laid as a book store. Many people bought books from his book store, seeing that they got the idea that more items can also be sold online because in future people will be interested in online shopping. They sold books as well as everyday household items such as clothes, electronic items, furniture etc. which people used to buy.

Jeff Bezos started his career on a small scale. Over time, on the strength of his hard work, far-reaching thinking, efforts, intelligence, ability, he made his business reach the highest peak. His company is said to be a multi-million dollar company in today’s time.

Amazon is becoming more and more popular among the people day by day due to the best services and products of Amazon. The name of their website Amazon has now become a well-known brand around the world. Most of its customers are Indians. It was Jeff Bezos who brought Amazon to the world as an online site. Amazon is the first shopping website that provides good service to its customers.

amazon company fame

Amazon is a famous company which is known as a multinational company of America. Amazon provides its services in many countries apart from India. Amazon is popularly known as the most trusted website in the world, from which people like to shop. Amazon has also bought many big companies, including Whole food, Twitch, The Washington Post etc. According to a survey, Amazon falls in the top five categories in the race for the top companies in the world.

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Who is the CEO of Amazon?

Jeff Bezos was the first CEO of Amazon and also held the position of President of Amazon, but in the year 2021, Jeff Bezos resigned from the post of CEO and employees working in Amazon only. Had collaborated on many big things at Amazon, had worked in many different positions,

Appointed Andy Jassy, ​​who has carved a niche for himself in the company, as CEO. Andy Jassy did many important things at Amazon such as bringing Amazon Web Services and Amazon Music to the public, introduced the world.

Amazon Operations

Amazon’s services are operated from the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle, Washington. Jeff Bezos opened his company at this place due to many reasons, he knew according to his knowledge that there are many technology companies here under which technical engineers can easily be found. The place also had a large number of bookseller centers where Jeff Bezos could buy books on order whenever he wanted. Which later on remained beneficial for Jeff Bezos.

Amazon Earnings and Amazon Owner Property

Amazon’s successful journey raised Amazon to the world as the world’s largest company, but before that they had to face many failures as well. According to the survey, the total cost of Amazon is considered to be about $ 1.8 trillion, as well as the wealth of Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is also considered to be around $ 215 billion, according to the daily Jeff Bezos earns around $ 15 million. .

amazon products and services

Their products and services have been a major contributor to Amazon’s earnings. Amazon provides many services and goods to the people such as – Amazon Prime, Alixa, Amazon Web Service, Kindle Store, Amazon Studio, Amazon Digital Game Store, Video, Amazon Unlimited Music, Grocery, Amazon Publishing, Retail Stores, Amazon Home Services , Amazon Cash Service, Amazon Business, Digital Content, etc. Amazon buys its products and makes them available directly to its customers.

Amazon is famous among the people for providing quick services and as a trustful company. Amazon’s service and product quality are also considered good. Amazon provides people with many bill payment services sitting at home like: recharge facility, facility to pay water and electricity bills, gas connection service, phone bill payment facility etc. through amazon pay. The availability of so many services and products has made Jeff Bezos’s company Amazon world famous.

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has provided unlimited products and services by taking care of the benefit of the people in Amazon. Value based price, trustful service, facility of self product selling, facilities of affiliate marketing have been provided and importance has been given to customer’s views.

From the above detailed Amazon information, you must have got to know about the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and many aspects of his company Amazon. There is no doubt that Jeff Bezos has made a different identity around the world by joining Amazon. Jeff Bezos is considered the real successful owner of Amazon. Hopefully now you know who is the owner of Amazon and which country’s company is it?

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