Who made PUBG and who owns it?

When PUBG game was launched, hardly its developer thought that one day this game will become so popular that its active user will be more than 70 million. Currently, in our India, the PUBG game has been banned in the year 2020, which was banned on the order of the government, but despite this, some people in India try to run it by downloading the PUBG APK file. Friends, in today’s post, we will know who has created PUBG and who is its owner?

Who made PUBG and who owns it?

In India you will not find pubg game on google play store but pubg game is available on google play store in other countries of the world. Due to the popularity of the PUBG game, the question remains in the minds of many people that after all, who has made PUBG or which country’s game is PUBG.

Therefore, in this article, we have tried to remove some such confusing questions. In this article you will know who made PUBG and who owns it?

Who made PUBG?

a developer based in Ireland Brandon Green This game is produced by. Let us tell you that before preparing the game, Brandon used to work as a photographer in Brazil as well as work as a graphic designer.

When he started his gaming career, then he made a game named Arma 3 and people liked his game very much. After this he joined the Blue Hole Company. This company is from South Korea and together with Blue Hole Company, Brendan Green created the PUBG game.

As a designer, he worked with Lightspeed and Quantum, Cropton and PUBG Corporation to develop the PUBG game, thus creating a popular game like PUBG. For your information, let us tell you that the publisher company of PUBG game is TENCENT GAMES and it is a Chinese company.

In this way, sometimes some people also think that PUBG is a game of China but in reality it is not so. Apart from this, some people also think that the owner of PUBG game is Brendan Green, while it is not so. The name of the owner of pubg game is CHANG HAN KIM. Brendan Greene is the main person who created it.

What is PUBG Game?

This is an online game that you can play through your smartphone. Talking about the game play of PUBG game, in this you are seated on an airplane with about 100 people and after that you are dropped on an island with the help of parachute.

After landing on this island, you have to find weapons while avoiding your enemies and when you find the weapon, then you have to start fighting with that weapon. That is, after getting the weapon, you have to eliminate your enemies with the help of the weapon. You get HD graphics inside this game.

That’s why you enjoy playing the game. At the end of the game the last player left gets the chance to build his empire on the island and that player is declared the winner.

For your information, let us tell you that in the year 2017, its beta version was launched by Microsoft in the month of March and then in the year 2017 itself in the month of December, the full version of PUBG game. android Apart from the platform, it was also launched for iOS and PlayStation.

And within a few months of its launch, people liked this game very much all over the world and the number of people playing this game continuously increased. By the month of June of the year 2018, the number of people who downloaded the PUBG game went to more than 50 million. However, after a few days, the PUBG game also came into controversies.

In fact, apart from India, there was a demand to ban it in some countries like Nepal. The logic behind this was being given that playing PUBG game is having a bad effect on the children. Although the number of people supporting this game was also very high, which is still there.

Which country’s game is PUBG?

Internet But this question is searched a lot that which country has made PUBG game or which country’s game is PUBG Lite. Actually, the reason behind asking this question is that two types of versions have been launched by PUBG, in which the first version is PUBG Mobile and the second version is PUBG Lite. That’s why some people believe that both PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile games are from different countries. After all, what is its truth, let us tell you.

Let us tell you that the company named Blue Hole is a South Korean company and PubG Corporation is a subsidiary of Blue Hole, by which the PubG game has been prepared and the work of designing it has been done by Brendan Green but the work of publishing it is done by Tencent. Gaming has been done which is a company of China country. Therefore, the number of such people is very high who consider Pubg to be a company of China country, whereas in reality it is not so.

What is the full form of PUBG?

Talking about the full form of PUBG, its full name is Players Unknown Battleground, which is a game played by smartphones. You should understand its full form very well. So below we are telling you its full form point wise.


Which country has made PUBG Game?

Blue Hole Company and its subsidiary PubG Corporation have worked hard to create a great game like PUBG. Let us tell you that Bluehole Company is a South Korean game maker and PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary of Blue Hole, by which the PUBG game has been prepared.

In which country the maximum number of PUBG games are played?

If seen from the point of view of statistics, then our neighboring country of India is at the forefront of playing PUBG game, that is, the number of people playing PUBG game in China is much more than other countries. There are about 24% of people in China who play pubg games. Thus, the number one country of China comes in the first place.

After this, about 19% of the people in our India like to play pubg game. After that America comes the number of the country where about 12% of the people are inclined to play PUBG game.

What is the goal of the PUBG game?

In pubg game after landing on the island you have to try to get the weapon and after getting the weapon you have to defend yourself and eliminate your enemies and stay alive till the end.

If any of your enemy attacks you inside the pubg game, then with the weapon you have, you can make a deadly attack on him and eliminate him. In this way, the player who remains in the last in the PUBG game is declared the winner of the PUBG game.

Why is PUBG game famous?

For your information, let us tell you that when you play PUBG game then you can easily start live stream inside it. While playing pubg game under live stream, you can talk online with your other pubg game play friends. Apart from this, when you play the game, then you also get to learn many things.

PUBG is a realistic game. That’s why while playing the game, you feel that you are playing inside the game itself and to get the same experience, pubg game is played by people and maybe this is the reason why pubg game is the second number in India. But it is included in the list of most played games.

Why is PUBG game banned in India?

In the year 2020, on the order of the Indian Government on September 2, the PUBG game was banned in India and the reason behind this was given that PUBG tries to steal the user’s data and as a result the government has to shut it down. Had to do In the present time, except our country of India, PUBG game is easily available on Google Play Store in many other countries of the world.

There are still many such people in India, who are playing pubg game by doing some jugaad. Many people are playing it by loading its mod apk file. However, let us also tell you that due to the ban of PUBG game, some other companies have made games like PUBG.

interesting facts of pubg game

1: Brendan Greene got the idea of ​​​​creating the PUBG game after watching a Japanese picture called Battle Royale which was released in the year 2000.

2: When the PUBG game was released, in the middle of just 3 days of its release, the PUBG game had earned about 70 crores.

3: Chicken Dinner is obtained after winning the PUBG game and for your information, let us tell you that this idea has been taken from the ancient custom of the western country, under which foreign people used to get money as a reward for winning in some games, He used to eat chicken through him and through the same idea, chicken dinner has been given for winning in PUBG as well.

4: Indian Government has banned this game in India in the year 2020 and at present you will not find this game on Google Play Store in India. Although you can download its APK file from the Internet if you want, but nothing can be said about whether it will work or not.

5: According to the figures of the year 2020, the number of active people playing PUBG game is around 70 million.

6: Let us also tell you that in a single day 30000 players were banned by PUBG Mobile moderator and 12 such players were also included in these 30000 players who were Pro players of PUBG.

7: You can also play PUBG on computer, but tell that the number of people playing PUBG mobile is more in place of Pubg computer, because most of the people do not have computer available but most of the people have a smartphone.

8: PUBG is built for the Android platform and is also available on the iOS platform and is also available on the Play Station.

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